105 terms

Test 1

According to the text, what was the watershed event that began to make Europeans feel more secure?
The fall of the Berlin Wall
Agriculturally, Europe is not self-sufficient
After WWII, Russia and many Eastern European countries entered into a treaty known as:
The desire of Europeans for their continent to be "war proof" was the main reason behind the creation of the:
European Union
Which nation is not a NATO member?
Norway, Iceland, Romania, Ireland, Germany
Europe's near-monopoy of the export of manufactures was eroded because of:
Foreign competition
European nations lost most of their colonies after:
Which of the European nations has the largest estimated percentage of Muslims?
The global balance of power shifted towards Europe during the:
Age of Discovery
What european nations were major players in the initial exploration & colonization of the world?
Modern-day romance languages evolved from:
The original forest covering many mediterranean lands has largely been replaced with
The ___ is Europe's most important inland waterway
Rhine River
The process of offloading rock and soil by glaciers is known as
Glacial deposition
Most European precipitation arises from
Coniferous forests cover much of the land area of which area?
Fertile, windblown soil associated with glaciated areas in Europe is called
The Mediterranean climate arises mainly from:
Seasonal shifts in atmospheric belts
Much of europe can be described climatically as:
Mild winters, cool summer, ample rainfall, and many drizzly, cloudy, foggy days
What is the single largest physical feature across Europe?
North European Plain
Europe has a largely temperate climate because of:
Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Drift
The population replacement level is
The number of births needed to keep the population steady
Which country is the largest destination for migrants in Europe
Europe is fringed by numerous ___
Peninsulas and islands
Physically, Europe is best characterized as being a large
Peninsula of peninsulas
The traditional physical dividing line between Europe and Asia
Ural Mts. down to the Caucasus
The country with the highest GDP-PPP in the world
An estuary is
Deepened river mouth into which the sea has flooded
Ireland's potato famine occurred approximately in:
Which country was initially a loose alliance of small states known as cantons?
Switzerland's largest city is:
The headquarters of the European Union:
Brussels, Belgium
What country has an extensive patchwork of polder lands and canals?
The largest influx of immigrants to Germany has come from
Europe's largest coal field was developed along which river?
Ruhr Valley
The head of navigation
The farthest inland a ship can go on a river
Primate city
City larger than the 2nd/3rd largest cities combined
France's chief breadbasket is located in
France was the world's largest exporter of ___ in 2003
Why has there been continual violence over Northern Ireland since the 1960s?
The marginalized Catholic minority rebelled and fought against direct control
Which nation's economy doubled in the 1990s?
The leading financial center in Europe is
London Town
The use of production of coal in england is now mainly used to generate
Domestic electricity
The industrial revolution was based initially on water power, then expanded with power supplied by
Coal-fired steam engines
At its maximum extent, the British empire covered __percent of the Earth's land surface
The commonwealth of nations is a supranational organization of the UK with many of its
Former colonies
The two cornerstones of EU are
Lowland Britain lies mainly in
Which two nations voted against joining EU?
Noreway, Iceland
A large, strategically located region caught between conflicting interests of great powers is the definition of a
Shatter belt
As many as ___ Jews were killed in the Holocaust
6 million
How did several Eastern European nations pay for new industrial plants and equipment in the 1980s?
By borrowing heavily from western banks and governments
The most economically prosperous eastern european country is
Which country has enjoyed economic success through tariff-free trade with Nordic countries?
The "Velvet Revolution" was
Bloodless overthrow of the communist government in 1989
Which eastern European country has attracted more western and Asian foreign investments than any other?
Which region was a former Yugoslav autonomous province?
High interior plateau in Spain
Which crops are part of the Mediterranean diet?
Grape, citrus, wine, olive oil, peas, beans, tomatoes, wheat
Vasco de Gama and Henry the Navigator explored the coasts of Asia and Africa under the flag of ___
The economic heart of modern Italy is
Po Valley
The portion of greece south of the Gulf of Corinth is known as
The mainstay of Greek economy
The dominant Italian city for fashion, finance, industry, and railway transportation is:
What is the status of Cyprus with regards to the EU?
Only Greek south is member of EU
Which area in southern Europe is heavily irrigated?
Po Valley
The term "Scandinavia" can refer to the countries
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland
Which language is most similar to old Norse?
Which two countries elected a joint parliament in 2000?
Russia, Belarus
Which nation embraces Russia as an ally against the Turks?
According to some forecasts, which nation might be the world's largest producer of oil in 2015?
In terms of the world's estimated oil reserves, the Caspian Sea region ranks ___
Which country is least likely to pursue a closer political, military, and economic integration with Russia?
The Russian autonomous republic of Sakha produces about one quarter of the world's ___
What was the result of Yeltsin's "economic shock therapy"?
The new consumer-oriented society formed along class lines and created an enormous gap between the rich and poor
The Second Russian Revolution was
The collapse and dissolution of USSR
The policy of glasnost meant:
Soviet and Allied forces began to reverse Nazi advances in 1943 after ___
The Battle of Stalingrad
The Russian Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution both took place in the year
The Cossacks were
Peasant farmers
The ___ is a vast, waterlogged area underlain by permafrost and subject to tremendous flooding in the spring
West Siberian Plain
The great Volga Scheme created
Vast reservoirs created behind numerous dams for easier navigation
Which river empties into the Caspian Sea?
Volga River
Most of European Russia lies in which physical feature?
Russian Plain
Which sea lies between
Sakhalin and Kamchatka?
Sea of Okhotst
In 2007, there were approximately 10 births per 1,000 people and approximately 15 deaths per 1,000 people in Russia
Mollisols found in the belt from Ukraine to Kazakhstan are among the best soils anywhere
Why do buildings have to be erected on pilings in the high Arctic?
Permafrost below the buildings will not melt and cause tilt
The most populated nation in Central Asia is:
The earliest form of large-scale manufacturing in the Moscow area consisted of
Textile milling
The survival of the soviet Union, from the geographer's perspective, always depended on the ability of Russia to control _______ in and outside the borders of Russia properly
non-Russian resources
The "Fertile Triangle" contains about ___ of the region's people
Which country's agricultural and industrial assets were indispensable to the Soviet Union?
Chernobyl lies ___ of Kiev
Russia continues to be a net importer of ___
Meat and dairy products
Which city is known as the "Port of Five Seas"?
What route between Murmansk and the Far East does Russia hope to develop to promote its exports in Europe?
North Sea Route
The Kuznetsk industrial region developed because of the enormous amount of ___
In the northern lands, some of the largest ___ stations in the world are located in the Yenisey River
The Trans-Siberian Railway begins in ___ and runs ___ of the BAM
Moscow; south
What has been described as the "Pearl of Siberia"?
Lake Baikal
Most Georgians belong to which religion?
Eastern Orthodox
The Armenian Genocide was a holocaust committed by ___ & ___ against Armenians
Turks & Azeris
The nation with the highest number of internally displaced migrants in the region is
Samarkand and Bukhara are ancient trading cities located in modern-day __