Julius Caesar Act 2

Brutus' statement of opinion is that Caesar shouldn't be crowned because________________.
it could change his nature.
Brutus gives two reasons to prove why Caesar shouldn't be crowned. They are:
1) He might take all his power and do evil with it. Abuse of greatness comes when you have no emotion to have the power. Caesar doesn't have the compassion so he could be dangerous. 2) Once he gets to the top his humility might stop. He could ignore the lower people and others around him when he gets the high power.
In Brutus' conclusion to Caesar's power, he gives a call to action. Explain it.
They must kill Caesar before he gets too much power.
What letter is Brutus reading?
A letter Cassius sent from "citizens" to convince Brutus to do something about Caesar.
How do we know Brutus is feeling troubled?
Ever since he talked to Cassius about the plan, he has been having a battle about whether he should commit murder or not. He hasn't slept in a month because it's on his mind.
Who arrived at Brutus' place in the middle of the night.
Cassius and the conspirators.
Who were the conspirators?
Cassius, Brutus, Casca, Decius, Cinna, Metellus Cimber, Trebonius, Caius Ligarius.
How were the conspirators dress when they arrived at Brutus'?
Hats pulled down and cloacks pulled up. They were hiding.
What did Brutus say about the way they were dressed?
They shouldn't hide themselves. It's better disguise to act as thought there is nothing wrong.
What were the three points Brutus did not agree with Cassius in his yard?
1) Brutus did not want to swear their allience becuause he thinks its for the weak and people who don't trust eachother. 2) Brutus doesn't want to get Cicero to join like Cassius does because he thinks Cicero only follows plans he made up. 3) Brutus doesn't wanna kill Mark Antony like Cassius does because he thinks he's a follower and his attention is elsewhere.
What is Cassius worried about for Caesar before the day of his death?
He's worried the strange and arguments of his fortunetellers might keep Caesar from the Capital.
What is Decius' purpose?
He will convince Caesar to leave by "trapping him with flattery"
Where do the conspirator's agree to meet again while at Brutus'.
Caesar's house at 8 o'clock.
Who do they decide to let join the conpiracy?
Caius Ligarius
Portia tries to persuade Brutus to tell her what is troubling him when she says, "Dear my lord, make me acquainted with your cause of grief." Give two reasons she uses to persuade him to confide in her.
1) She's his wife. He should trust her to tell her. They are one through marriage. 2) She's the daughter of Cato, highly respected Romans, known for honesty, making his own decision, killed himself when Caesar came to power. She's not just any woman. She's Brutus' wife and Cato's daughter. Very trustworthy.
What does Portia say she has done to prove her faithfulness?
Wounded herself in the thigh, She has control of her emotions.
How does Brutus answer Portia's pleas?
He promises to tell her everything soon after he gets the door.
Who arrives and what is meant?
Caius Ligarius, Rome are the sick men and they will make whole by killing Caesar, and Caesar is the whole man, they must make sick by killing himself.
What ominous events have taken place the night before Caesar's killing.. according to Calpurnia?
1) A lioness in the streets gave birth. 2) The dead have come out of their graves, ghosts. 3) Blood on the capital, warriors fight. 4) a bad storm in the sky.
What is Caesar's response to Calpurnia's terror?
Whatever the gods have destined will happen so we must just go on with our day.
What does Calpurnia try to persuade her husband to do in Scene 2 on the ides of march?
To not leave the house because she fears something willl happpen to him.
Decius flatters Caesar by saying
he gives Rome what it needs to function and run and the citizens want to touch that and be apart of it.
Decius tempts Caesar by saying
the Senate was going to give him the crown.
Decius mocks Caesar by saying
they're gonna call you a coward and make fun of your for listening to your wife.
How is this warning a citizen was trying to give Caesar different from the first of the play?
He lists eveyone he should not trust. More Specific.
What chance still exists that the plan to kill Caesar won't work?
If Caesar reads the note he will probably live. If he doesn't his fate is in the hands of the conspirators.
What does Portia want Lucius to do?
Go to the Capital then come back and tell her how Brutus and Caesar are doing.
What do we learn from Portia's last sppech?
She is clever because she makes up another reason as to why she is worried about Brutus to tell Lucius.
What is the biblical allusion at the end of Act 2?
The last supper "Go in and taste some wine with me and we, like friends, will straightway go together." They eat a meal together then go and betray Caesar.