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Found on pg.77


I had

tu eus

you (fm) had

il eut

he had

nous eûmes

we had

vous eûtes

you (pl) had

ils eurent

they had


I wrote

tu écrivis

you (fm) wrote

il écrivit

he wrote

nous écrivîmes

we wrote

vous écrivîtes

you (pl) wrote

ils écrivirent

they wrote

je fus

I was

tu fus

you (fm) were

il fut

he was

nous fûmes

we were

vous fûtes

you (pl) were

ils furent

they were

je fis

I did/made

tu fis

you (fm) did/made

il fit

he did/made

nous fîmes

we did/made

vous fîtes

you (pl) did/made

ils firent

they did/made

je mourus

I died

tu mourus

you (fm) died

il mourut

he died

nous mourûmes

we died

vous mourûtes

you (pl) died

ils moururent

they died

je naquis

I was born

tu naquis

you (fm) were born

il naquit

he was born

nous naquîmes

we were born

vous naquîtes

you (pl) were born

ils naquirent

they were born

je pris

I took

tu pris

you (fm) took

il prit

he took

nous prîmes

we took

vous prîtes

you (pl) took

ils prirent

they took

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