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social capital

when social organizations, networks, norms and social trust that work together so mupltiple people benefit

example: stuco work together to make a great homecoming

political culture

the wildly shared beliefs, values and harms concerning the relationship of people to the government and to one another

example: CDV's

natural rights

all claimed individuals have the rights to dignity and worth. the government (a primary threat to those rights) should be equal and control

example: hall monitors and associate principles

democratic consensus

a widespread agreement on principles of the government, and beliefs, should undergride them

example: people should voice opinions for government reasoning

majority rule

expressed preferences of the majority at regular elections
example: homecoming court

popular sovereignty

a belief that ultimate power is left to the people
example: lawmakers serve for people

american dream

the belief that hard work can bring economic success and there are many opportunities in the united states


large companies with max production and law prices, smaller companies cant compete
example: walmart


an economic system characterized by private property, compete and makes economic incentive and limit government involvement in producing goods and services
example: us market

antitrust legislation

laws passed by government that limit monopolies from dominating an industry and limit trading rights
example: sherman act


the prime beliefs about what the government should be doing and political values
example: government should tell the truth


a belief that the government is positive and is meant to bring justice and equal opportunity
example: against patriot act


government should ensure people dont like change. stability in the government
example: republicans


one economic government system based on public affairs of the means of production and exchange
example: USSR


social movement regarding concerns for environmental conservation and improving environmental
example: recycling at lahser


belief in limited government power, very independent. each person chooses how he/she wants to live
example: henry david therov

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