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Slide Quiz #1

Portrait of King Henry Darnell III- Kuhn
Declaration of Independence- Trumbull
Mrs. Elizabeth Freake and Baby Mary- Limner
Portrait of Artist's Brother Rubens Peale with Geranium- Rembrandt Peale
Still Life with Crystal Compote- Rubens Peale
Mrs. Richard Yates- Stuart
George Washington- Houdon
The Peaceable Kingdon- Hicks
Among the Sierra Nevada, California- Bierstadt
Fur Traders Descending the Missouri- Bingham
Boy(Henry Pelham) with a Squirrel- Copley
Self Portrait- Smith
Self Portrait of the Artist in His Museum- Charles Wilson Peale
After Bath- Raphaelle Peale
An Experiment on a Bird Pump in the Air- Wright
Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mifflin- Copley
Dean Berkely and His Entourage- Smibert
Cotton Mather- Pelham
The Death of General Wolfe- West
The American School- Pratt
George Washington- Trumball
Susan Walker Morse(The Muse)- Morse
The Mountain Ford- Cole
Niagara Falls- Church
After the Hunt- Harnett
Kindred Spirit- Durand
Beatrice- Allston
Vernal Falls, Yosemite- Hill
Issac Winslow-Feke
John James Audubon- Syme