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  1. resting potential
  2. Functional Behavior
  3. Axon
  4. Membrane
  5. Sensory Neuron
  1. a Thin fiber of a neuron responsible for transmitting nerve impulses away to other neurons, glands and muscles.
  2. b Specialized at one end to be highly sensitive to a particular stimulation.
  3. c Describes why a structure or behavior evolved as it did.
  4. d is mainly the result of negatively charged proteins in the cell.
  5. e Structure that separates the inside of a cell from the outside environment.

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  1. Structure that contains the chromosomes.
  2. Contains nucleus, mitochondria, rhibosomes, and other structures found in other cells.
  3. Branching fibers with surface lined with synaptic receptors responsible for bringing information from other neurons.
  4. mechanism that keeps most chemicals out of the brain.
  5. Helps synchronize the activity of the axon by wrapping around the presynaptic terminal and taking up chemicals released by the axon.

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  1. MicrogliaRemoves waste material and other micro organisms that could prove harmful to the neuron.


  2. thiamineOther major components of the nervous system. And include astrocytes, micro glia, radial glia, oligdendrocytes and Schwann cells.


  3. Myelin SheathSome neurons are covered with an insulating material called myelin sheath.


  4. Oligdendrocytes and Schwann cellsFurther branch out and increase surface area of some dendrites.


  5. Evolutionary BehaviorDescribes why a structure or behavior evolved as it did.