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  1. Efferent Axon
  2. Myelin Sheath
  3. Interneurons
  4. Sensory Neuron
  5. Mitochondria
  1. a Sending information away from the structure.
  2. b Structure that performs metabolic activities, providing energy that the cell requires for all other activities.
  3. c Some neurons are covered with an insulating material called myelin sheath.
  4. d Those whose dendrites and axons are completely contained within a structure.
  5. e Specialized at one end to be highly sensitive to a particular stimulation.

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  1. the membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, ribosome, & endoplasmic reticulum are the major parts of what?
  2. Describes how a behavior of a structure develops, including the influence of genes, nutritions, experiences and their interactions.
  3. Structure that separates the inside of a cell from the outside environment.
  4. difference in distribution of ions across the membrane.
  5. Has its soma in the spinal cord and receives excitation from other neurons and conducts impulses along the axon to muscle

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  1. DendritesBranching fibers with surface lined with synaptic receptors responsible for bringing information from other neurons.


  2. RibosomesThe sites at which the cell synthesizes new protein molecules.


  3. Physiological BehaviorDescribes why a structure or behavior evolved as it did.


  4. MonismBelief that the Universe consists of only one kind of substance.


  5. NucleusStructure that contains the chromosomes.