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  1. Membrane
  2. neurons
  3. Astrocytes
  4. resting potential
  5. Physiological Behavior
  1. a Relates to behavior to the activity of the brain and other organs.
  2. b is mainly the result of negatively charged proteins in the cell.
  3. c the dendrites, soma, axon, presynaptic terminals are the major part of what?
  4. d Helps synchronize the activity of the axon by wrapping around the presynaptic terminal and taking up chemicals released by the axon.
  5. e Structure that separates the inside of a cell from the outside environment.

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  1. Contains nucleus, mitochondria, rhibosomes, and other structures found in other cells.
  2. mechanism that keeps most chemicals out of the brain.
  3. Sending information away from the structure.
  4. the membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, ribosome, & endoplasmic reticulum are the major parts of what?
  5. Structure that performs metabolic activities, providing energy that the cell requires for all other activities.

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  1. Functional BehaviorReconstructs the Evolutionary history of a structure or behavior.


  2. Oligdendrocytes and Schwann cellsBuilds the myelin sheath that surrounds the axon of some neurons.


  3. MonismBelief that the mind and body are different kinds of substance that exist independently.


  4. DendritesBranching fibers with surface lined with synaptic receptors responsible for bringing information from other neurons.


  5. Ontogenetic BehaviorDescribes why a structure or behavior evolved as it did.


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