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  1. Efferent Axon
  2. concentration gradient
  3. Evolutionary Behavior
  4. Presynaptic Terminals
  5. Physiological Behavior
  1. a Reconstructs the Evolutionary history of a structure or behavior.
  2. b The end points of an axon responsible for releasing chemicals to communicate with other neurons.
  3. c difference in distribution of ions across the membrane.
  4. d Relates to behavior to the activity of the brain and other organs.
  5. e Sending information away from the structure.

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  1. Describes why a structure or behavior evolved as it did.
  2. Interruptions in the myelin sheath
  3. Contains nucleus, mitochondria, rhibosomes, and other structures found in other cells.
  4. Some neurons are covered with an insulating material called myelin sheath.
  5. Describes how a behavior of a structure develops, including the influence of genes, nutritions, experiences and their interactions.

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  1. resting potentialis mainly the result of negatively charged proteins in the cell.


  2. neuronsthe dendrites, soma, axon, presynaptic terminals are the major part of what?


  3. DualismBelief that the mind and body are different kinds of substance that exist independently.


  4. MitochondriaRemoves waste material and other micro organisms that could prove harmful to the neuron.


  5. cellsOther major components of the nervous system. And include astrocytes, micro glia, radial glia, oligdendrocytes and Schwann cells.