JIM: Transitive - Intransitive

が 上がる
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が 助かるto be saved (vi)が 捕まるto be caught (vi)が 伝わるto be transmitted (vi)が 止まるto stop (vi)が 始まるto begin (vi)が 曲がるto be bent (vi)が 見つかるto be found (vi)を 上げるto raise (vt) (上)を 集めるto gather (vt)を 終えるto finish (vt)を 変えるto change (vt) (to alter, to amend, to revise)を 決めるto decide (vt)を 下げるto lower (vt)を 閉めるto close (vt)を かけるto hang (vt)を 鎮めるto calm (vt)を 高めるto raise (vt) (高)を 助けるto save (vt)を 捕まえるto catch (vt)を 伝えるto convey (vt)を 止めるto stop (vt)を 始めるto begin (vt)を 曲げるto bend (vt)を 見つけるto find (vt)が 表われるto appear (vi)を 表すto show (vt) (to express, to reveal)が 壊れるto be broken (vi)を 壊すto break (vt)が 離れるto separate (vi)を 離すto separate (vt)が 倒れるto fall (vi)を 倒すto throw down (vt)が 汚れるto be stained (vi)を 汚すto stain (vt)が 売れるto sell (vi)を 売るto sell (vt)が 折れるto be folded (vi)を 折るto fold (vt)が 割れるto be broken (vi) (to break, to split, to be smashed, to be torn)を 割るto break (vt) (to split, to divide, to rip, to crack)が 写るto be reflected (vi)を 写すto reflect (vt)が 返るto return (vi)を 返すto give back (vt)が 帰るto go back (vi)を 帰すto send back (vt)が 通るto pass (vi)を 通すto let pass (vt)が 直るto be mended (vi)を 直すto correct (vt) (to cure, to heal, to repair)が 治るto recover (vi)を 治すto cure (vt)