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with you (formal)

Hook: I want to be _______ CONSTantly, Ed.

con usted

(¿Cómo se dice?) with you (formal)


Hook: Imagine a hippie says ____ I see you have A AURA.


(¿Cómo se dice?) now


This consonant is always silent in Spanish.


This word means "fairness, or integrity in one's beliefs and actions." (begins with a silent "H.")


Spell "hotel" the way it is pronounced in Spanish.


Spell "hospital" the way it is pronounced in Spanish.

alco ol

Spell "alcohol" the way it is pronounced in Spanish.

a ora

Spell "ahora (now)" the way it is pronounced in Spanish.


Hook: Someone at the movies saying, "Do it pronto" meaning _____.


(¿Cómo se dice?) soon

in order to

Hook: ______ (3 words) to teach a PARRot Spanish, you must know Spanish.


(¿Cómo se dice?) in order to (or "for")


Hook: Arnold has _____ MUScles than I do.


(¿Cómo se dice?) more


Hook: _____ I am going to get A STAR NOTCHed on my belt.

esta noche

(¿Cómo se dice?) tonight

Quiero verlo.

I want to see him.

Quiero verla.

(¿Cómo se dice?) I want to see her.

No quiero verlo.

(¿Cómo se dice?) I do not want to see him.

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