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Literary Devices, Poetic Devices, Poetic Terms, Figurative Language


a repetition of the same consonant or vowel sound in close succession


a brief, undeveloped reference to a familiar or famous place, event, or figure from literature


a repetition of the same vowel sound in close succession


a repetition of the same consonant sound in close succession


two successive lines of rhyming verse having the same number of feet


a line of poetry that ends without punctuation, causing the reader to continue into the following line without a pause


a basic unit of measurement for syllable groups in poetry


a figure of speech which makes deliberate use of exaggeration for serious or humourous emphasis


words and word groups that help the reader sense or picture what is being described; can be literal or figurative


a pattern of images that emerge through a poem


a common figure of speech in which a direct comparison or identification is made between two unlike objects


a system for identifying and measuring the rhythm evident through stressed and unstressed syllables; expressed in two parts; identification of the feet and a count of the number of feet in a given line


the use of a word whose sound imitates, suggests, and reinforces its meaning


the deliberate side-by-side placement of words that seem contradictory in meaning


a figure of speech attributing human qualities to animals, inanimate objects, or abstract ideas


the positioning of words to emphasize the agreement or similarity of their sounds

Rhyme Scheme

a labeling system to describe the rhyming pattern of a poem, most commonly using letters to label all lines in order to discover the pattern of rhyme


a figure of speech to draw an indirect comparison between two dissimilar things using "like" or "as"


lines grouped together to form a unit within a poem


the main idea of a work, not usually directly stated


the attitude of the author or speaker toward the subject and audience

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