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Different Levels of Analysis

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-Established after WWII
-Initially created as a largely Western project designed for postwar rehab
-Flourished during the Cold War, driven by a struggle for global dominance b/w the US and the Soviet Union
-Set up ideals and norms (free trade, commitment to democracy, openness, respect for sovereignty, multilateral cooperation, cooperative security) that have supported US power since 1945
-As the most powerful state in the system, the US disproportionately shaped its rules
-Has been shorthand for US global leadership as US stands at center
-Some credit it with 70 years of great power and peace (provide stability, political/economic/security gains)
-Attempted to create stable financial system with ideas popular in US (capitalism and democracy)
-Trump has imperiled the LIO with his vengeful unilateralism (agenda that supports one-sided action, i.e. disregard for other parties or commitment toward a direction which other parties may find disagreeable; contrast with multilateralism, the pursuit of foreign policy goals alongside allies) via breaking down to nationalist/populist upheavals, transactional and visceral approach to foreign policy, disregard of liberal values
-LIO was built by Western liberal democracies, and as non-Western states rise, they want their own rules/organizational principles (less open and more regional groupings, imperial zones, and spheres of influences)
-Although US hegemonic position may be declining, the LIO characteristics of order (openness, rule, and multilateral cooperation) are deeply rooted and likely to persist