Microbio Exam 2

What is the term used to indicate a virus that infects bacteria?
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A DNA virus might make its own DDDP although a host cell can provide the function. What difference might give the virus an advantage as far as survival in the host and propagation through the host species?Virus had a larger chance of errors/mutations.The respiratory system is a major route for the introduction of viral pathogens. Infections can be classified by the area of the body that is affected. Name the 4 calsses od infection based on the area of that the pathogen infects.-lower -upper -upper/lower -lower/systemicA fomite isan object contaminated with an infectious agentList the stages of a viral infection of a eukaryotic host-attachment to host cell -penetration of the host plasma membrane -uncoating of the viral capsid -biosynthesis of viral macromolecules -viron assembly/maturation -viral release from the host cellThe viral group that is the leading cauative agent of the common cold are the ______rhinovirusesThe genomes of all RNA viruses that cause disease in humans must have an ORF encoding for which polymerase?RNA-dependent RNA polyerases(T/F) Both rhinovirus and coronavirus have genomes that are (+) strand and hence can immediately be used as templates for translating once uncoating in the cytosol of infected cells have been accomplished.TrueSome members of the family of adenovirus encoded for the proteins E1A. teh E1A protein binds to and inhibits the activity of _____, resulting in an increase in the rate of cell division in infected cells.Tumor suppressor proteinsThe family of influenza virus can be divided into 4 separate genera. the group that is of most concern due to their high rat of mutation and ability to initiate both epidemics and pandemics is ______Group ASome of the most virulent of influenza strain originate in birds. However, transmissibility from birds to humans has been shown to be of very low efficiency. The passage and alteration of what virulent bird strain in what domestic animals has been shown to dramatically increase the transmissibility of the strains?PigsA condition where viral particles are present in a patient's blood is medically termed aViremiaWhen speaking about genomes we can refer to the size of the genome as either bases or base pairs. Which of the 2 following genomes would be referred to as base pairs? (dsDNA, dsRNA, ssRNA)dsDNA and dsRNABoth the measles and mumps have (-) strand RNA genomes. What enzyme must be brought in with the Said it's a productive infection is 2 occur?RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RNA replicase)The measles virus enters through the respiratory system and is extremely contagious. Which cell types are responsible for the transportation of the virus to other regions of the body resulting in a systemic infection?Macrophages/dendritic cellsWhich of the following virus infections has been conclusively linked to teratogenic affects if contracted within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy?RubellaShingles is caused by the emergence of a latent form of the ______ virus under stress conditions or in persons with a weekend immune systemVaricella-zoosterThrough a successful program of vaccination, what disease was eradicated in the pathogen no longer exist outside a few lab stocks?SmallpoxWe are beginning to cover the first class of the living systems that can cause disease. These are the _____BacteriaThe first class of organisms were so small we need a ______ to observe their morphologyMicroscopeA collection of different bacteria species in bedded in an extracellular matrix attached to a surface is termed aBiofilmOrder the steps required for gram staining of sputum sample fixed to a glass slide-The slide is flooded with the stain methylene blue/crystal violet in the excess die rinse off with water - The slide is flooded with iodine solution -The slide is washed with a solution of ethanol -The slide is flooded with the stain safranin the excess die rinsed off with waterWhich class of proteins are inhibited by drugs containing a beta lactam ringTranspeptidases