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  1. State Attorney General
  2. scam/scheme
  3. National Consumers League
  4. condition
  5. winning bid
  1. a a stipulation or prerequisite
  2. b this state office assists consumers who have been victimized by fraud.
  3. c a scam artist may noitify you that you have the winning bid, ask for money, but never ship the item purchased
  4. d Has a website where incidents of consumer fraud may be reported
  5. e a plot designed to trick someone; a deception

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  1. Not reading labels, fine print, contracts, sales offers, etc.
  2. A local consumer protection agency
  3. hiding information; hiding the truth
  4. offers that hinge on a consumer first purchasing something
  5. Using extreme tactics to persuade a consumer to buy

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  1. failure to plannot making shopping lists, spending plans, doing comparison shopping, etc.


  2. sweepstakes lettera letter asking one to send several letters with money in order to, supposedly, receive money in the mail yourself


  3. mediaa scam that usually involves a "get rich quick" chain letter, sending money to others in order to, supposedly, receive money in your mail yourself


  4. lotteryMeans of communicating--e.g., word of mouth, telephone, texting, emails, etc.


  5. lie/lyingto tell an untruth/habit or practice of telling untruths


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