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  1. lie/lying
  2. high-pressure sales approach
  3. winning bid
  4. pyramid
  5. Better Business Bureau
  1. a A local consumer protection agency
  2. b Using extreme tactics to persuade a consumer to buy
  3. c a scam that usually involves a "get rich quick" chain letter, sending money to others in order to, supposedly, receive money in your mail yourself
  4. d a scam artist may noitify you that you have the winning bid, ask for money, but never ship the item purchased
  5. e to tell an untruth/habit or practice of telling untruths

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  1. against the law
  2. Means of communicating--e.g., word of mouth, telephone, texting, emails, etc.
  3. a stipulation or prerequisite
  4. hiding information; hiding the truth
  5. a plot designed to trick someone; a deception

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  1. failure to protectNot securing personal infomation and property


  2. identity thefta stipulation or prerequisite


  3. chain letterprizes awarded by chance after purchase of a ticket; very small chance of winning


  4. failure to be informedNot reading labels, fine print, contracts, sales offers, etc.


  5. State Attorney Generalstates that one has won a valuable prize, but must pay a fee to claim it