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Old Man and the Sea


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How many days had it been since the old man caught a fish?
what time of day does he hook the fish?
around noon
Does the old man call the sea feminine or masculine?
feminine (la mar)
what is the first fish santiago encounters when he gets out to sea?
a marlin
what does the old man dream about? what does this symbolize?
life in Africa when, as a young man, he was very successful in such areas as arm wrestling. This is her memory of his past.
What animal is lying on the beach at the end of the book?
skeleton of the marlin
which direction are the man and fish traveling? why?
northwest, then east
What animal is lying on the beach in his dream?
what was Joe DiMaggio's father's profession that makes santiago feel connected to him.
What is Santiago's favorite baseball team?
New York Yankees
Why did the boy's parents tell him thay he could not fish with the old man anymore?
unlucky (salao)
What do the lions on the beach symbolize?
the old man's youth when he was strong
What is the boy's name?
What is the old man's name?
What do the other fisherman think of Santiago?
the young laugh at him, the older respect and pity him
What do the details of Santiago's shack reveal about him?
that he is very poor (dirt floor, no place to wash)
How does this day's trip differ from Santiago's usual pattern?
he is going to go out farther than he usually does
Why does the old man call the sea feminine while the young men call the sea masculine?
The old man loves and respects the sea while the younger fishermen use the masculin name, because they see it as a harsh enemy
How does Hemingway describe Santiago's eyes?
They are the color of the sea.
What hangs on the wall of the old man's shack?
Pictures (not of his wife but religious figures)
Why does Santiago not let his lines drift like the other fishermen?
He believes it is imprecise, and he strives always to be exact.
What kind of fish does Santiago first catch?
A tuna
How does the old man know immediately the size of the great marlin he has caught?
He pulls and pulls on the line and nothing happens.
During his great struggle with the marlin, what does Santiago wish repeatedly?
He wishes that the boy was with him.
In what year was The Old Man and the Sea published?
As his first full day of fighting with the fish wears on, what does Santiago begin to think about his adversary?
He considers that he and the marlin are brothers, joined by the fact that they both ventured far out beyond all people and dangers in the water.
What does the weary warbler that lands on Santiago's fishing line make the old man think of?
The predatory hawks that await the bird's arrival near land
What happens to make Santiago curse the treachery of his own body?
His hand cramps.
In order to help himself catch the fish, what does Santiago do?
He decides to recite ten Hail Marys and ten Our Fathers.
The great Joe DiMaggio suffers from what affliction?
A bone spur
To give himself confidence, Santiago remembers his contest with "the great negro of Cienfuegos." At what sport did the old man beat this challenger?
Arm wrestling
Why does the thought of selling the fish's meat disappoint the old man?
The people who will eat the meat are unworthy.
What does the old man remove and eat from the belly of a dolphin?
Flying fish
How does Santiago finally kill the marlin?
He harpoons it through the heart.
How long does it take for the sharks to arrive and attack the marlin?
One hour
After the shark attack, Santiago reflects that destruction is inevitable. How does he articulate this philosophy?
Everything in the world kills everything else in some way.
What happens upon the old man's return to his fishing village?
Manolin promises to sail with him.
The old man remembers that once, when he killed a female marlin, the male marlin
Swam alongside the boat as though in mourning
What kind of reception does Santiago receive at the terrace café?
The younger fishermen pretend that the old man doesn't exist.
The story takes place off the coast of where?
Hemingway says everything about Santiago is old except what?
his eyes
Which picture used to hang on Santiago's wall but was taken down and place under his clothes?
photograph of his wife
In what month does the story take place?
Of what did Santiago always dream?
Lions on the beach
Where is Santiago originally from?
Canary Islands
What did Manolin give Santiago two of before he left?
What does Santiago refer to as aqua mala, the *****?
Portuguese man-of-war
In his youth, on what kind of ship did he work?
How deep was the line on which the marlin bit?
100 fathoms
Santiago thought the light of what city would guide him home?
Why does Santiago hope the marlin will jump?
it will fill its air sacks and not be able to dive deep
What humiliating thing happens to Santiago's left hand while he is tracking the marlin
it cramps
What does Santiago see that makes him realize "no man was ever alone on the sea" (p 61)?
a flock of ducks
How many feet longer than Santiago's skiff is the marlin?
2 feet
Where was the great "Negro" from against whom Santiago arm-wrestled in his youth?
How long did Santiago's arm-wrestling match last?
all day and all night
What was Santiago called after his arm-wrestling match?
The Champion
What does Santiago do to increase drag on the boat?
ties two oars together across the stern
How much money does Santiago feel the fish might be worth?
300 dollars
How does Santiago feel about the fish that he is doing battle with?
He has sympathy and a strange appreciation for it
Santiago is compared with which religious figure?
The most pathetic and tragic moment in the novel occurs when Santiago stops for a moment, looks back, and sees
The great tail of the fish
What happens to the fish that Santiago kills?
It is devoured by sharks as he brings it in
What type of fish did Santiago battle and catch?
A marlin
Why is Manolin particularly devoted to Santiago?
Because Santiago taught him how to fish