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Explain how movies served as a cultural classroom for Americans in the 1920's. (Immigration, Diversity, Affordable, Americanization, Isolation, Horror Movies, etc...)
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Movies served as a cultural classroom for Americans in the 1920's because it Americanized the citizens and immigrants by creating the standard/norm for peoples behavior, and style. The movies taught people how to be Americans and how to act. The movies were very cheap that everyone could afford it, which meant there was a diverse audience and that everyone will become Americanized. The cultural classrooms in a way brought everyone together and made the newcomers feel a sense of connection with the characters in the Horror movies that portrayed the same queasy feeling.
The flapper is a haircut where women symbolized the challenge of women's social boundaries. Women assumed new roles in society, and it was empowering. The flapper symbolized individualism, and identity and the change of how women where looked at. In modern day the flapper is significant because it signifies the change and struggles women went through to achieve change, and assume their own identity.
Mass media is a collection of different technologies to inform and entertain a large and diverse audience which was America. The phonograph was a record player which was where the vinyl was placed. The needle on the Phonograph grooved the crevices of the Vinyl and created sound. This machine allowed people to listen to music anywhere and at anytime. This birthed Pop Culture because the fact that people can buy vinyls from anywhere and play it anywhere connected people all over the globe. Folk Music birthed Pop Culture because it was the most played Genre of Music. The Radio brought family together and encouraged socializing within people because it was news and entertain for everyone.