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a typical at 24 months weighs about

30 pounds

the biological protection of brain when malnutrition tempority affects body growth is known as

head sparing

approximately how many hours per day do newborns spend sleeping?

17+ hours

what is the most likely reason that parents would chosse a co sleeping arrangement for their infant

because of cultural norms

A basic nerve cell in the central nervous system is called


which of the following best describes the cortex of the brain

it makes up the outer layers of the brain

the part of a neroun that acts as tiny antenne and conducts signals toward the axons of that cell is called the


brain weigh triples in the first two years of the primaily because of the growth of


The process through which unused and misconnected dentrites arthopy and die called


The area in the brain that plans, anticpates, and control impusle and is the last part of the brain to mature is the

prefrontal cortex

Assume that an abusvie caregiver shakes an infant to get her to stop crying. The infant stops crying because of which of the following mechanism

blood vessels in her brain rupture and neural connections break

A newborn is lying in crib . Someone across the rooom speaks. how will the newborn react to vocie

he will turn his head in the direction of the voice

The average infant's visual system

benefits from stilution in the early months of life

The learned abitbiy to move and control some parts of the body is refeered to as

motor skill

When infants trun their heads and suck in reponse to a touch on the check they are demobnsrating the

rooting reflex

heathly infants usually devlop

the same motor skill i the same sequence

The production of antibodies is stimulated by


Piaget called the infants; first preiod of congnitve development

sensormotor intelligence

Piaget believed children begin to devlop cognity at


The _is the point where the axon of one neuron meets the dendrites of another neron


Sensation occurs when a sensory detects a stimlus _occurs when the brain proceess the sensorty information


The abilty to use both eyestogether to focus on an object is called _ vision


Later theorist in the bebavorist tradion incoprated the role of _ learning to explain how personality traits are formed


Children's realizetion that they are seprate person with minds bodies and behavior seprate from those around them is called

self awarness

The infant's repettion of syllables such as ba ba is called


The persective of congnion modled on computer functioning is called

information proceesing

After repeated exposures to an event or an object the child tends to experinces


Nothing that children between 12 and 18 months of age enage in acutal experimention and explosion piaget decribes the tollors o fhis age

little scenist

When newborns are cold they shiver cry and tuck their legs close on the body. these are examlpes of _ that help maintrain constant body tempture


Because of _ a 10 month old may later pick up and try to use the scissors his brother used to cut paper

deferred imitation

The process of getting used to objet or event through repeated exposure to it is reddered to as


Information process therioist would decribes perception as a

cognitive process

Which of the following best defines the term affordance

the opportunity for perception and interection that is offered by people the envirment and ojects

Perception primed to focous on movemnet and change is called

dyanamic perception

Baby Genevieve has many colorful toys and books to look at but her very favorite sight is her big brother's face. She is demonsting the universal principle of infant perception called

people prefernce

According to jean piaget the two element of adatption are

assimilation and accommodation

Which of the following is a behavior that you would observe in the second of piaget's sensorimotor stages

an infant grabbing a bottle to suck on

Once an infant becomes reponsive to other people and to objects and touches and moves thme she is engaing in

secondary circluar reactions

A partcular stage four baby does not like to get wet. If his mother turned on the faucet and got out his bath towel the baby might

howl and move away from her and the bathroom

Hugh enjoys playing with your keys. When you tke them away and place i your pocket Hugh does not search for them. Piaget would say that Hugh does not understand

object permanence

Once infants become active in exploration and emperimention within their enviroment they engaging in

tertiary reactions

Piaget refferned to toddlers in stage as

little sciencts

The scientfic method used by an infant in stage five is

trail and error

Which of the following chatcteristics must be present before an infant can experince pride shame guilt

awareness of the people

According to psychoanltyic theroy the prime focus of pleasure in early infancy is

the mouth

How do people become fixated in freudian stage

their normal developtal urges are frusted

Which of the following statemnet is correct regarding toitlet training

children who begin toliet training at a later age take less time to train children who start training at a younger age

In Erikson's theory the infant's earliest task is decribed as that of

learning trust or mistrust

according to erikson's theory which of the following is tru of most toddlers

they want to gain a sense of autonomy or control over their own bodies

8 month han has learned that shaking his crib rail bring his mother into his bedroom. His crib rail brings his mother to mind, demonstracting his

implict memory

The usual order of the development of spoken langue is

reflex cooing babling spoken words

Which of the following emotions requries the greatest sophistcation in a infant


at 6 weeks jessica's most recent emontial reaction is likely to be

asocial smile

tammi age 4 and dawn age 13 months are left with babysitters. how will they react

dawn will probaly show more distress then tammi

Distal parenting tends to produce chlildren who are

self ware

Marhartia and roberto are warm nuruting parents who held their baby all of the time and cradles him. they are exhibing

proimal parenting

A theory of child rearing that is embedded in culture or ethnicty is


Concerning temperment and personaliy reseach has found that

temperament is linked to biologcial patterns that appear in infancy

Attachment staus appears to be determined by panent's

response to their child

Infant day care is of high quality if caregivers emphasize among other things

sensorimotor exploration

Geoffrey enjoys spending time with his 1 year old son. go with his wife Geoffrey's interaction with their son likely to be

more playful

Sasha's pediatrian informs her parents that Sasha's 1 year old barian exhibitint transient exubernce. in reponse to this newa sahasa' parents

smile becasue they know their daugher's brain is developing new neural connections

which of the following does not contribeute to the ability to walk

parental teaching

Compared to the first year growth the second year

proceeds at a slower rate

2 year old ralphie i sanxious and moody most of the time. according to big five study his temperment would be classifed as


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