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what are 3 categories of pulmonary function testin
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what is the proper name of a flow measuring devicepnuemotachometerthis is the range or limit of how much the device can measurecapacitythis is how well a device measures a known reference valueaccuracythe arithmetic difference between the reference values and measure values is known aserrorthis is the smallest detectable measurementresolutionthis is the reliability of measurementsprecisionthis refers to the accuracy of the instrument over its entire range of measurementlinearitythis is the entire range of measurementscapacitythis is the specific measurements made or computed by the instrumentoutputwhat is the name of the 2 organizations that developed the international standards for pulmonary fiction testingATS ERSwhat are spirometer results corrected forBTPSwhat size string is used for calibration3.0 Lhow often should PFT equipment be calibratedat least dailywhat 4 important general principles should be considered with pulmonary function testingspecificity sensitivity validity reliabilitywhat is the most commonly performed test of pulmonary mechanicsFVChow long should a patient refrain from taking a bronchodilator prior to pulmonary function testing4 hoursthe complete image of forced breathingflow volume loopto ensure validity, each patient much perform how many FVC maneuvers3to ensure validity, each patient must perfumer how many MVV maneuvers2during a FVC maneuver the FVC must be exhaled for how many seconds in adultsa least 5 secondsthis test measures the volume exhaled during the first second of the FVC maneuverFEV1what is the name of the test that measures the flow during the middle portion of the FVCFEF25%-75%what is the name of pulmonary function testing that can be measured independently using a peak flow meterPEF or PEFRhow long does the patient need to breathe for a successful MVV test12 secondshow should a patient be positioned during the MVV testsittingthe normal values for spirometry measurements are based on what 4 criteriaheight age gender ethnicitywhat percent of the vital capacity should be exhaled during the initial half of a second of FVC maneuverat least 50%what is the shape of the flow volume loop in a patient with a fixed upper airway obstructionbox shapedwhat is indicated if a person cannot exhale at least 75% of his or her VC in 1 secondsobstructionwhat % indicated reversibly in FEV1 testing15%what is the name of the testing conducted when an agent is used to stimulate a hyperactive airway response and to create airway obstructionbronchial provocation testing or bronchial challengewhat is the name of the stimulation agent used during ironical provocation testing with the most predictable resultsmethacholinewhat is the name of the 3 volumes / capacities the cannot be measured directly with a spirometerRV, FRC, TLCwhat are the 3 techniques used to measure RVhelium dilution nitrogen washout body plethysmographywhat is the term for lung volume measured by the technique of body plethysmographythoracic gas volume