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  1. dolly
  2. 2S
  3. if large in FG and small in BG the image will
  4. EST
  5. pan
  1. a explores space horizontally by moving the camera
  2. b deepen
  3. c two shot
    two characters in shot
  4. d establishing shot
    exterior location of an interior scene
  5. e explores space horizontally by turning the camera

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  1. over the shoulder
    head to toe
  2. single image
  3. distance
    marge on stage flashing the crowd
  4. seem closer
  5. Medium shot
    waist up

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  1. cooler colorsadvance


  2. lower horizonemphasizes the size of the object


  3. warm in BG + cold in FG willadvance


  4. shotexplores space vertically by turning the camera


  5. 180 degree ruleshots edited together to create a BEAT