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  1. higher horizon
  2. if large in FG and small in BG the image will
  3. OTS
  4. CU
  5. JIP/PED
  1. a over the shoulder
    head to toe
  2. b diminishes the size of an object
  3. c explores space vertically by moving the camera
  4. d deepen
  5. e close up
    head and shoulders

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  1. in order to avoid a JUMP CUT
    --30 degrees (when changing camera positions move it at least 30 degrees)
  2. extreme close up
    portion of the face
  3. extreme wide shot
    character inside the location
  4. explores space horizontally by moving the camera
  5. two shot
    two characters in shot

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  1. scenevariety of sequences/beats with a B/M/E


  2. 180 degree ruleall camera positions must stay within a 180 degree arc
    the base line of the arc is determined by the central "line of action"


  3. MStwo shot
    two characters in shot


  4. ESTvariety of scenes with a B/M/E


  5. smaller objectsseem farther away


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