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  1. sequence
  2. act
  3. OTS
  4. rule of thirds
  5. dolly
  1. a important elements of the image should fall on the intersections of horizontal and vertical thirds
  2. b variety of scenes with a B/M/E
  3. c over the shoulder
    head to toe
  4. d explores space horizontally by moving the camera
  5. e shots edited together to create a BEAT

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  1. all camera positions must stay within a 180 degree arc
    the base line of the arc is determined by the central "line of action"
  2. establishing shot
    exterior location of an interior scene
  3. single image
  4. wide shot
    head to toe
  5. close up
    head and shoulders

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  1. panover the shoulder
    head to toe


  2. higher horizonemphasizes the size of the object


  3. tiltestablishing shot
    exterior location of an interior scene


  4. scenevariety of sequences/beats with a B/M/E


  5. JIP/PEDexplores space vertically by moving the camera


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