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  1. OTS
  2. darker tones
  3. JIP/PED
  4. shot
  5. XCU
  1. a multiple images created by camera on/off
  2. b over the shoulder
    head to toe
  3. c extreme close up
    portion of the face
  4. d recede
  5. e explores space vertically by moving the camera

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  1. advance
  2. all camera positions must stay within a 180 degree arc
    the base line of the arc is determined by the central "line of action"
  3. extreme wide shot
    character inside the location
  4. wide shot
    head to toe
  5. close up
    head and shoulders

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  1. ESTestablishing shot
    exterior location of an interior scene


  2. rule of 30in order to avoid a JUMP CUT
    --30 degrees (when changing camera positions move it at least 30 degrees)


  3. 3Sthree shot
    three characters in the shot


  4. actestablishing shot
    exterior location of an interior scene


  5. sequenceshots edited together to create a BEAT