34 terms

Age Vocabulary

adolescent (adj.)
growing from childhood to adulthood; roughly, of the teenage period
adolescent (n.)
antediluvian (adj.)
archaic (adj.)
no longer used, except in a special context; old-fashioned
callow (adj.)
yound and inexperienced; unfledged
contemporary (adj.)
of the same period or duration
contemporary (n.)
person who lives at the same time as another
crone (n.)
withered old woman
decrepit (adj.)
weakened by old age
defunct (adj.)
dead; deceased; extinct
forebear (n.)
forefather, ancestor
hoary (adj.)
1. white or gray with age
2. ancient
infantile (adj.)
of or like an infant or infancy; childish
inveterate (adj.)
1. firmly established by age; deep-rooted
juvenile (adj.)
1. of or for youth; youthful
2. immature
longevity (n.)
1. long life
2. length of life
matriarch (n.)
1. mother and ruler of a family
1. full-grown; ripe
2. carefully thought out
nonage (n.)
legal minority; period before maturity
nonagenarian (n.)
person in his or her 90s
obsolescent (adj.)
going out of use; becoming obsolete
obselete (adj.)
no longer in use; out-of-date
patriarch (n.)
1. veneragble old man
2. father and ruler of a family or tribe; founder
posthumous (adj.)
1. published after the author'd death
2. occuring after death
primeval (adj.)
pertaining to the world's first ages; primitive
primordial (adj.)
1. Existing at the very beginning
2. elementary; primary
puberty (n.)
physical beginning of manhood (at about age 14) or womanhood (at about age 12)
puerile (adj.)
foolish for a grown person to say or do; childish
senile (adj.)
showing the weakness of age
worthy of respect because of advanced age, achievement, viture, or historical importance
veteran (n.)
1. person experienced in some occupation, art, profession
2. ex-member of the armed forces
yore (n.)
(always preceded by of) long ago
pristine (adj.)
in original, long-ago state; uncorrupted
superannuated (adj.)
retired on a pension; extremely old