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Tuesday, February 12th, 2010 Mr. Said

Colored Kid

Term used before 1970 for a person who is not white; typically an African-American.


A person who stirs up others in order to upset the status quo and further a political, social, or other cause


Hit swiftly with a violent blow


A special favor, right, or advantage given to a person or group


To leave or desert


To permit or allow; to enable


Form of government in which the leader has absolute power and authority


One of the best athletes in America in a specific sport


A feeling of tiredness from work or exercise; to make or become tired; Also, a military uniform

Hallowed Ground

A holy or sacred place; Also, another name for a cemetery or graveyard


Desire to harm others

Fine Line

Very little separation


Sharing the feelings of others (especially feelings of sorrow or anguish)


To drop or juggle an object


The use of something; Take control and make use of


Offensive term referring to a boy who does not exhibit stereotypical masculinity; A coward

Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin

A famous comedy duo in the 1950's


A sacred place; any place of refuge

Who is the coolest teacher?

Mr. Said, duh.


What year did the Berlin Wall fall down?

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