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  1. melancholy
  2. ratify
  3. erode
  4. accelerate
  5. puny
  1. a to approve, give formal approvel to
  2. b sad, glommy, or unhappy, saddness
  3. c of less than normal stenghth or size
  4. d to waer away gradually, eat away
  5. e to speed up, cause to move faster; to bring about more quickly

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  1. a difficult or painful experience, trial
  2. royal,kinglike;fit for a king
  3. to thrash about in a clumsy or ineffective way
  4. to attract, tempt
  5. to ake dry and thristy; to shrivel with heat

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  1. quibbleto smother,prevent from breathing;to hold back or choke off


  2. casualroyal,kinglike;fit for a king


  3. bystanderone who looks on or observes, a person present but not taking part


  4. stifleto evade or belittle a point by twisting words or raising minor objections


  5. gruesomehorrible, revolting, ghaslty