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location of the heart in the thorax


superior heart chambers


inferior heart chambers


visceral pericardium


'anterooms' of the heart


equals cardiac muscle

coronary arteries

provide nutrient blood to the heart muscle


lining of the heart chambers


actual 'pumps' of the heart

coronary sinus

drains blood into the right atrium


The heart is enclosed in a double-wall sac called?

four (4)

how many chambers is the heart divided into?


T or F
Blood flows through the heart in one direction - from the atria to the venticles.


what is the name of the two receiving chambers of the heart?


The left ventricle discharges blood into the ....., from which all systemic arteries of the body diverge to supply the body tissues.

Tricuspid valve

The right atrioventricular valve, or .........., prevents backflow into the right atrium when the right ventricle is contracting.


The heart serves as a double pump. The (right or left) side serves as the pulmonary circulation pump, shunting carbon dioxide-rich blood to the lungs.

coronary arteries

The functional blood supply of the heart itself is provided by the?

intercoalated discs

Two microscopic features of cardiac cells that help distinguish them from other types of muscle cells are branching and?


n the heart, the (right or left) ventricle has thicker walls and a bascially circular cavity shape.

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