HCMS History/Background of Science Fiction

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science fiction
Imaginary writing based on current or projected scientific and technological developments that impact individuals or society. Could happen. Frequently answers "what if?"
what if
question sci fi frequently answers
Hugh Gernsback
coined term in 1920s
the Odyssey
Early travel tale, mix of fact, fiction and myth, tried to maintain scientific credibility with knowledge of time
Plato's Republic
4th century B.C. scheme for an ideal society
Gulliver's Travels
satire, search for perfect society, travel tale
Jules Verne
"Father of Science Fiction"
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
written by Jules Verne, travels with mans inventions solving the problems, "gadget sci-fi"
War of the Worlds
optimistically adressed social impact on society (social sci fi - impact of society), written by H.G. Wells
added psychological and philosophical elements; maintained that man can control environment, added man's creation of monsters; written by Shelley
wars of the 20th century
caused sci fi to become more pessimistic
Man didn't always create good, and we can't necessarily solve problems. Writing of this time was poor with an emphasis on plot.
Atomic Era
sci fi became extremely pessimistic and emphasized negative effects of technology
New Wave
emphasized virtual reality and artificial intelligence
children of the nuclear age, profoundly pessimistic, concerned more about humanity, use tech world to expose problems
science and technology
common theme: the future of humankind in a world dominated by...
common theme: the future of ... as a group
viewed from the outside
common theme: the nature of humanity when ....
common theme: the .... of humanity in the universe
Primitive Era (time period, ...-...)
Gernsback Era
relied on human imagination, usually poorly written, "Amazing Stories", coined term
Gernsback Era (time period, ...-...)
John Campbell Era
30 year campaign to present quality sci-fi, interested in logical and believable characters
John Campbell Era (time period, ...-...)
Atomic Era (time period, ...-...)