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Chapter 7 Review

A boot shaped peninsula that extends south from Europe.
Mountains, Hills
Muchof the Italian peninsula consists of what type of terrain?
Name of the largest mountain in italy.
The Palentine
A settlement was founded on what hill and which later became an important city?
What was the name of the city that grew there?
Tiber River
What is the name of the river that Rome lies on?
Who was the chief power in northern Italy?
Where did those people settle?
Asia Minor Lidya
Where did the Etruscans come from?
On hilltops
Where were Etruscans cities built?
What kind of houses did they have?
Built walls
How were these cities protected (besides being on a hill)?
What group of people lived south of the Tiber River and were the first settlers of land near Rome?
April 21, 753 B.C.
What is the date that Rome originated?
Who was the legendary founder of the Roman people?
Who were the legendary founders of Rome (not the Roman people, but the city)?
The 13th in the line of kings after Aeneas.
Numitor, Amulius
Who were this kings two sons?
Who was Numitor's daughter?
Remus, Romulus
Twin sons of Numitor's daughter.
Who was the father of these twins?
Sent in a basket in the river to drown
What happened to the twins after they were born?
A she wolf
Who saved them?
A sign
How was it decided which of the twins would be king?
Who became the sole ruler and first king of Rome?
Traders and pirates
They were known as people of the sea and had two different occupations. What were they?
The phalanx
What did their army borrow from the Greeks?
Shoes made of heavy leather.
What was the different of their that helped them to get around in hilly areas?
Music and Dance
What types of entertainment did the Etruscans love?
Many of the dances were connected to what?
Social Orders
The way groups of people are classed.
Into provinces
How did they believe that the universe was divided?
Humans were in the center facing south. Gods of death and underworld were to the west. Gods of the heavens to the east.
What were the provinces?
Sooth Sayers
People who predicted the future.
Events interpreted as signs of the future.
A banquet
What happened when at Etruscan noble died (an event)?
Two slaves fought together to death.
What happened during this event?
The spirit went with the noble.
What happened to the spirit of the dead slave?
Where were the nobles buried?
A cemetery outside of the city.
A city with a large Etruscan cemetery.
Lucius Tarquinius
The first Etruscan ruler of Rome.
100 years
How long was his dynast?
Used the arch in bridges. Suer system. Drained swamp at the foot of palentine. Abc's. civil of authority. Sooth sayers. The way in which cities were founded.
Etruscan contributions to the Roman civilization.
What was built at foot of the Palatine?
A public square
What was a forum?
Palace, government buildings, law courts.
What did the Forum house?
The Greeks
Who influenced the Etruscan alphabet?
Gladitorial Games
The fights borrowed from the Etruscans were called what?
Men on men, humans against animals, animals against animals, woman and dwarfs.
Who was involved in the gladiatorial games?
The symbol of authority was called what?
Bundle of rocks around rods.
What form did it take?
Sooth sayers read omens, a ditch was dug based on omens. The plow had a bronze blade. Founders then took a handful of dirt into the trench.
How were cities founded? What rituals did they follow?
covered a shaft leading to the underworld.
What was the purpose of the stone?
What was this spot called?
A meeting point for the living of the dead.
What is a mundus?
Open the stone three times a year so the souls of th dead could return to earth.
What did they do at this spot?
A procession honoring a hero.
As relative equals.
How were Etruscan women treated?
Om capitaline hill.
The site of the first temple in Rome.
Municipal Government
City government is also known as what?