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Blood Collection & Test

Skin Puncture
The blood lancet is used for the collection of blood specimens by,
The standard point of the lancet to be used, especially when collecting blood from a newborns heel, is______in length.
Identify the patient
The most important step in the performance of a venipuncture is,
To determine the size of the needle remember that the higher the gauge number, the______the needle.
Separates the cellular and liquid portion of the blood
An instrument called a centrifuge, does what?
Multiple use
Rubber sleeves in a vacutainer make it possible for,
Preparing for a glucose tolerance test_____hours before or during the test, the patient should not eat, smoke, drink coffee or alcohol.
Color Coded
In the evacuation blood collection system the evacuated glass tubes come in different sizes and the stoppers are_____to denote the type of additive or lack of one.
Needle Holder
During venipuncture, to secure the needle during insertion into the tube stopper, you need a,
In hospitals and clinics, the most frequently used gauge of needle is the,
When performing a venipuncture, the tourniquet should be wrapped around the arm about three to four inches from where you are going to_____for a vein.
Make a fist
When preforming a venipuncture, if you have the patient_____the veins will become more prominent.
Veins pulsate, true or false.
Use your index finger when you_____for a vein.
Arteries pulsate like,
Release the_____before you remove the needle from the vein.
Cleanse the vein site in a circular motion from the center to the,
An alcohol prep
The injection site should be cleansed with,
Discard it
When you have finished using a reagent you should,
When making a solution from a solid, be sure the solid becomes completely,
Opposite each other
When using a centrifuge, make sure equal weights are,
When mixing reagents you should use_____quantities.
Date it
When making a solution be sure you label and,
Use a waving motion beneath the nose
When smelling a container of solution,
When mixing reagents always read the label,
The lid on the centrifuge should be kept_____when in use.
Red-top tube
When using an evacuated tube for collection of electrolytes use a,
Lavender-top tube
When collecting blood for a hematocrit test use a,
When collecting blood for cholesterol tests use a_____top evacuated tube.
Blood films
The primary anticoagulant additive EDTA removes calcium by forming insoluble or un-ionized calcium slats. It has an advantage of preventing platelet clumping and the formation of artifacts, therefore, good for the preparation of,
Sodium citrate is an anticoagulant of choice for coagulation studies because it protects certain type of the,
The tube to collect whole blood with an additive in it has a_____stopper.
The color coding for a stopper or a tube with no additives is(used for collecting serum),
3-4 in.
At the location where you are going to feel for a vein, wrap the tourniquet around the arm approximately_____above the site.
The cephalic, medical cubital, and basilic veins are_____used for venipuncture.
When doing a venipuncture the syringe or tube should be_____the venipuncture site to prevent back-flow.
Gram stain
To help classify bacteria into two groups; gram-positive and gram-negative is a special stain called,
A substance found in the body which helps blood from clotting is called,
Wipe away
When preparing a blood smear from a skin puncture you should_____the first drop.
Air dry
When you pull the second slide apart from the first slide, let them,
When preparing a blood smear, the spreader slide must be made of,
The purpose of doing blood cultures is to detect,
On top
When a drop of blood is placed on a slide, place a second slide_____the first slide.
The glucose tolerance test is a_____test.
When doing a blood culture test, after cleaning with an alcohol swab, use a_____swab.
While ordering procedures may vary, generally a type and RH are ordered on all pregnant women. This normally is called a_____screen.
When unclotted blood is centrifuged_____goes to the top of the tube.
When unclotted blood is centrifuged______goes to the bottom of the tube.
When collecting blood by skin puncture on an infant, you should use a,
Lavender top, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) additive
The tube used to collect a blood sample for a complete blood count (CBC) is,
Aticoagulation Therapy
The PT and PTT laboratory tests are used to monitor,
A counting chamber used to perform a manual white blood count is also know as a,
The proper placement of an agar plate in the incubator is,
A temperature scale with the freezing point of water 32 degrees and the boiling point of 212 degrees is also known as,
The concave curve in the upper surface of a liquid in a container is also know as a,