Chapter 6: Protein

If a person were to eat a diet that provided carbohydrate, fat, and micronutrients, but very little protein, for example if he or she ate only whole-wheat pita bread with olive oil,
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A person who follows a strict kosher diet would not eatb. a cheeseburger and friesBody proteins may become denatured in the presence of ab. very high feverEric follows a vegetarian eating patter, and he wants to know whether he needs to take any vitamin and mineral supplements. What would be most important to find out?B. Whether he follows a vegan eating pattern or eats some animal foodsThe most important funciton of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is toa. convert pepsinogen to its active enzyme form, pepsinJanet eats beans, grains, fruits, and vegetables, and milk. Her diet is considereda. lactovegetarianA patient fell of a bicycle and broke one arm and one leg. immediately after the accident, the pateint's body will be in a state ofb. catabolismThe RDA of protein for a healthy adult who weighs 60 kg is _____ g/dayb. 48Without vitamin B6, the body would be unable toa. absorb amino acidsMost physically active adults in America do not need to eat more protein than inactive adults becausec. Most people have high enough protein intake to provide the extra protein needed for active musclesAn example of a situation in which nitrogen balance is positive isd. pregnancyThe sports coaches at a university are designing training diets for their teams. Why do they need to provide more protein for the men's rowing team than for the women's rowing team?b. The men's team has more lean body mass than does the women's teamIf a patient has a torn ligament, then during healing and recovery, the patient's body would need to manufacturec. collagenHigh urinary urea excretion may be caused bya. High protein intakeDuring acute bacterial infecitons, patients need extra protein to manufactureb. antibodiesAn example of a meal that contains complementary proteins isb. split pea soup with crackersThe property of protein that is most important to its buffering properties isb. the fact that amino acids include both an acid carboxyl group and an amine base groupHigh levels of glucocorticoid hormones are likely to be produced by someone whod. has a large infected woundThe protein found in muscles whose function is similar to that of hemoglobin in blood isc. myoglobinAn example of a food that contains complete protein isd. hard-boiled eggFor clients with phenylketonuria the most important part of treatment is tob. limit their phenylalanine intake to the amount their bodies need