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  1. 1919 - very few women and NO black women had pilot's license, but she wanted one.
  2. 1st to make the US Ryder Cup Team
  3. 1st black woman in the US to receive a college degree.
  4. Her aunt bought her freedom for $125 and sent her to school in Rhode Island
  5. A fur-trapper that established the trading post that grew into Chicago.
  1. a
    Fanny Coppin
  2. b
    Lee Elder
  3. c
    Bessie Coleman
  4. d
    Fanny Coppin
  5. e
    Jean Baptiste DuSable

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  1. Septima Clark

  2. Lee Elder

  3. Septima Clark

  4. Bessie Coleman

  5. Charles Richard Drew

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  1. Went to France to learn to fly and do stunts with an airplane.
    Bessie Coleman


  2. Started by doing stand-up comedy in Philadelphia
    Bill Cosby


  3. Stared on TV "I spy", "Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids" (cartoon 1972-1984).
    Bill Cosby


  4. A born slave.
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


  5. Just after turning 30 she died in a plane crash piloted by her mechanic
    Bessie Coleman