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  1. 1919 - very few women and NO black women had pilot's license, but she wanted one.
  2. Journalist who was the 1st A.A. reporter.
  3. NAACP
  4. Had her poverty students write on the floor and use the benches as their desk. They wrote on used dry cleaners; bags.
  5. After long legal battles, she got her pension and license back.
  1. a
    Thomas Chester
  2. b
    Septima Clark
  3. c
    Septima Clark
  4. d
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  5. e
    Bessie Coleman

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  1. Bill Cosby
  2. Septima Clark

  3. Septima Clark

  4. Charles Richard Drew

  5. Septima Clark

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  1. 3rd largest city in the US.
    Thomas Chester


  2. Was offered jobs by Henry Ford & Thomas Edison, but stayed @ Tuskegee to improve black farmers.
    George Washington Carver


  3. Her aunt bought her freedom for $125 and sent her to school in Rhode Island
    Bessie Coleman


  4. Practiced law in England
    Thomas Chester


  5. Started by doing stand-up comedy in Philadelphia
    Bill Cosby


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