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  1. Stared on TV "I spy", "Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids" (cartoon 1972-1984).
  2. Worked in the cotton fields before training to be a manicurist (Chicago)
  3. Devoted life to challenging the segregation in South Carolina and the illiteracy that followed.
  4. Comedian & Entertainer
  5. 1922 - 1st A.A. Woman to earn international pilot's license.
  1. a
    Septima Clark
  2. b
    Bessie Coleman
  3. c
    Bessie Coleman
  4. d
    Bill Cosby
  5. e
    Bill Cosby

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  1. Septima Clark

  2. Thomas Chester

  3. Lee Elder

  4. George Washington Carver

  5. Septima Clark

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  1. Studied 4 types of human blood and how it could be preserved.
    Fanny Coppin


  2. Best known for the role in "The Cosby Show"
    Lee Elder


  3. Principal and teacher in a 2 room school house w/132 students.
    Septima Clark


  4. Best Selling Author of "Fatherhood" and "Childhood"
    Bill Cosby


  5. His system of crop rotation had farmers fixing their soil problems by planting peanuts.
    Jean Baptiste DuSable