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  1. Principal and teacher in a 2 room school house w/132 students.
  2. Agriculture (plants) instructor @ Tuskegee Institute in Alabama
  3. 1975 - A.A. Golfer was the 1st to play in prestigious MAsters Tournament.
  4. Just after turning 30 she died in a plane crash piloted by her mechanic
  5. Became the director of the Red Cross Blood Collection
  1. a
    Charles Richard Drew
  2. b
    Lee Elder
  3. c
    Septima Clark
  4. d
    Bessie Coleman
  5. e
    George Washington Carver

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  1. Lee Elder

  2. Septima Clark

  3. Bessie Coleman

  4. Jean Baptiste DuSable

  5. Fanny Coppin

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  1. Popularity came after he was on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show"
    Bill Cosby


  2. 1769 - traveled to Canada and stopped at a place perfect for a trading post.
    Jean Baptiste DuSable


  3. Devoted life to challenging the segregation in South Carolina and the illiteracy that followed.
    Septima Clark


  4. Reported for "Philadelphia Press" reporting on the activities of A.A. troops around Richmond, VA.
    Thomas Chester


  5. Went to France to learn to fly and do stunts with an airplane.
    Bessie Coleman