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Early Medieval-Chapter 16

Pair of Merovigion looped Fibulae, Ca. 700 CE
Animal-Head Post, Ca. 900 CE
Purse Cover,Sutton Hoo,Ca. 700 CE
Man(SaintMatthew), Book of Durrow, Ca. 700 CE
Wooden of the stave church, Urnes, Ca. 1100 CE
Saint Matthew, Lindisfarne Gospels, Ca. 800 CE
Cross inscribed Carpet, Lindisfarne Gospels, Ca. 800 CE
High cross of Muiredach, Ireland, Ca 1000 CE
Chi-Rho-Iota page, Book of Kells, Ca. 800 CE
Equestrian Portrait of Charlemagne(or Charles the Bald), Ca. 800 CE
The Tower and scriptorium of San Salvador De tabara, Emertrius
Saint Matthew, ebbo gospels, Ca. 900 CE
Saint Matthew, Coronation gospels, Ca. 900 Ce
Crucifixion, Lindau Gospels, Ca. 900 CE
Plan of the Palantine Chapel of Charlemagne, Aachen, Germany, Ca. 900 CE
Interior of the Palantine Chapel of Charlemagne, Aachen, Germany, Ca. 900 CE
Nave of the church of Saint Cyriakus, Germany, Ca. 1000 CE
Westwork of the Abbey Church, Germany, Ca. 900 CE
Doors with relief panels, Ca. 1100 CE
Saint michael's, Hildesheim, Ca. 1100 CE
Crucifix commission by Archbishop Gero, Ca. 1000 CE
Columns Illustrating the life of Christ, Ca. 1000 CE
Otto III enthroned, Gospel Book of Otto III, Ca. 1000 CE
Annunciation to the Shepherds, Lectionary of Henry II, Ca. 1100 CE
Abbess Uta, Codex to the virgin, Uta Codex, Ca. 1100 CE
Schematic Plan for a monastery at Saint gaul, Switzerland, Ca. 900 CE