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Who were the most powerful rulers and art patrons of the 15th century in northern Europe?

dukes of burgundy

What are paneled altarpieces called?

diptych (2panels), tritych (3panels)

What were the primary printmaking techniques in the 15th century?

woodcuts and engravings on metal- intaglio and relief printing

What work was used to establish the characteristics of Rogier van der Weyden's art?

the deposition

What were the skills of Martin Schongauer?

was a printmaker and a painter

Who painted the altarpiece for the Chartreuse de Champmol?

melchior broederlam

How would you know if you came across a unicorn?

one horn, always white, only go to virgins

What are the characteristics of the International Gothic style?

vivid colors, microscopic detail with nature

Who sculpted the Well of Moses?

claus sluter

What is meant by "hidden symbols" in works like the "Merode Altarpiece"

everyday objects you wouldn't see-religious iconology

Name a well-known tapestry series

unicorn tapestry or hunt of the unicorn

What made the Limbourg Brothers famous?

the book, tres riches heures

What is known about the figures in the Double Portrait of a Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife?

that they are rich because of the clothing and setting

What make the Man in a Red Turban so realistic?

his facial expressions

What is intaglio?

when you take a sharp tool and carve on to a metal plate, ink would fill into the incisions

the deposition


The "Merode Altarpiece"

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