Salvation History sessions 1-5

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A narrative approach to the Bible helps us to:
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The cause of creation is:The procession of the Son and the Holy SpiritThe imago Dei in human beings is identified as:Our intellectual natureWe can speak about God:analogicallyWhich of the following is not one of the primordial temptations:concupiscenceThe expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden and the Flood of Noah are both examples of:Divine PedagogyWhen central characters commit serious sins against the Lord, Genesis tends to:Show the folly of their actions by narrating their baleful consequencesAccording to Dauphinais/Levering, sacrifice devoted to God is not a primitive exercise of feeding an anthropomorphic deity, but an expression of which virtue?justiceHow does Judah make satisfaction for his sin?By offering himself as a prisoner in place of BenjaminAccording to PLL, the genre of the patriarchal narratives of Genesis is best categorized as:historyThat the patriarchs' strange marriage arrangements (half sister, two sisters), practice of giving the inheritance to a younger son, and worship practices (pillars, altars, libations, etc.) all contradict biblical law is evidence for:The historical character of these accountsWhich of the following is NOT one of the three main promises God makes to Abraham:messianic fulfillmentthree main promises to God for Abrahamnation, name, universal blessingJacob's blessings of his sons highlight:The preeminence of Judah among the tribesThe virtue Abraham both exemplifies and struggles with in response to the divine covenant is:FaithJacob's subservience in reconciling with Esau and Joseph's suffering in Canaan and Egypt illustrate:The pattern of apparent reversal of election to bring blessingAn example of fulfillment of God's promise to bless other nations through Abraham's family is:. The blessing of Potiphar's house and all Egypt through JosephThe story of Baby Moses is literarily similar to the birth narrative of what ancient Near Eastern monarch?SargonAccording to Gray/Cavins, Moses' late in life calling reveals what?That God uses everything in our lives for his planThe reason that the Israelites are required to leave Egypt to sacrifice to God is:Their sacrifices would include animals that represent deities in Egyptian religionFor Dauphinais/Levering, the ten commandments show that holiness is:a reflection of divine gloryIn considering the number of Israelites involved in the Exodus as proposed by the biblical text and analyzed by scholars, PLL suggest that the number of Israelites crossing the Red Sea would be closest to:20,000In Hebrew, the Book of Exodus is called:Names (Shem)Pharaoh imposes "total work" on the Hebrew people to prevent them from:worshipping GodThe burning bush is located precisely at:Mt. SinaiThe fact that God tells Moses "I have remembered" during the burning bush episode emphasizes what theme:covenantThe fact that God hardens Pharaoh's heart is best explained by which following statement:God allows the rational will to pursue lesser goods and withdraws the help of graceWho leads a rebellion against the Aaronic priesthood in Numbers 16?KorahAt what place do the Israelites turn back and refuse to conquer the Promised Land, despite the encouragement of Joshua and Caleb?Kadesh-BarneaWhat is the "only piece of extra-biblical evidence" relevant to the last phase of the wilderness wanderings described in the Book of Numbers?The Tell Deir 'Alla inscription that mentions BalaamMoses is barred from entering the Promised Land for striking the rock instead of speaking to it. According to Gray/Cavins, his disobedient act is a sign of his:Failure of faithThe Treaty between Suppiluliuma and Mattwaza is an example of:. A Hittite political treatyThe laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy:Are substantially continuous, but alter slightly for the new situation in the landRegarding the conquest, Moses commands Israel in Deuteronomy to:Conquer the land of Canaan, but first offer peace to those outside the landKorah and his group rebel because they want:Everyone to be eligible for priesthoodIn the Book of Numbers, who "stood between the dead and the living"?Aaron, when he offered incense to make atonement after Korah's rebellionThe Jubilee year and the story of Zelophehad's daughters illustrate the principle thatThe land is God's gift in every wayAccording to Dauphinais/Levering, what "mediates God's presence and enables the whole people to dwell with God"?the TempleAccording to Gray/Cavins, herem warfare of total destruction is an example of what kind of law?A concessionary law that radically departs from God's will at creation (casuistic law)