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A solid figure with 6 faces that are congruent squares


A solid figure with bases that are rectangles

Rectangular Prism

Solid Figure

A geometric figure that has length, width, and height


A solid figure with a polygon base and triangular faces with a common point


A solid figure with 2 congruent circles as bases


A solid figure with a circle as a base and curved surface that meets a point


A solid figure in the shape of a ball


The flat surface of a solid that does not roll


A line segment where 2 faces meet


The point where 3 or more edges meet in a solid figure


Can also be called a face and is the flat surface at the top or bottom of a solid figure


Figures that are the same size and shape


A net is a flat pattern that can be folded to make a solid figure.

Intersecting lines

Lines that cross at a point

Parallel lines

Lines that never intersect, think railroad tracks

Acute angle

An angle that measures less than 90 degrees

Obtuse angle

An angle that measures more than 90 degrees

Right angle

An angle that measures 90 degrees

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