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Cards cover the site of synthesis, primary & secondary functions, means, & control of secretion questions for Somatomedin.

What is the site of synthesis for Somatomedin (SM)?

1. Liver
2. Kidneys

What is the primary function of Somatomedin (SM)?

1. Increase linear height

By what means does Somatomedin (SM) accomplish its primary function?

1. Stimulate enzymes of protein anabolism
2. Stimulate osteoblast cell activity
3. Stimulate mineralization

What are the 3 secondary functions of Somatomedin (SM)

1. Decrease plasma glucose
2. Main hormone that causes bone growth
3. Causes minerals to deposit into bone

By what means does Somatomedin (SM) accomplish its secondary functions?

1. Increase cellular uptake of glucose

What hormones increase Somatomedin secretion?

1. Somatoliberin/crinin
2. Thyroxine
3. Substance P
4. ADH (AVP)
5. Androgens, Estrogens, & Progestins
6. Nor-epinephrine -/+

What neurological factors increase Somatomedin (SM) secretion?

1. Alpha adrenergic
2. Beta adrenergic

What non-hormonal or neurological factor(s) aid int he secretion control of Somatomedin (SM)?

1. Psychological

What other hormone's control of secretion is identical to Somatomedin (SM)?

1. Somatotrophin (STH)

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