the reformation and scientific revolution

johann Guttenberg
-invented the moveable type printing press in 1445.
Martin Luther
created 95 thesis
believed that salvation is granted on the basis of faith rather than deeds
letters of indulgence
a pardon of sins to all Christians who payed money to help church.
95 theses
Luther's document listing problems with the Church
The effort to change or reform the Roman Catholic Church, which led to the establishment of Protestant churches
reformers who protested some practices of the catholic church
Developed the first modern theory of a sun-centered universe
The sun is the center of the universe
invented the telescope
scientific revolution
a new way of thinking about the natural world
belief that Earth is the centre of the universe
edict of worms
When Charles V exiled or outlawed Luther from The Holy Roman Empire or any of it's other lands.
what invention helped galileo and how?
telescope, let him support heliocentric theory, which later let him come up with the laws of motion
a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving
how did the invention of the printing press change the way knowlage was spread and used
it made work avalable for all to read
made it faster for work to be coppied
luthers 3 main doctrins
1} salvation by faith alone
2] BIBLE only athority
3} priest of all belivers