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  1. abdominal cavity
  2. -ologist
  3. midsagittal plane
  4. dysplasia
  5. the location of the kidneys is _________, ____ one on each side of the spinal column
  1. a retroperitoneal, with
  2. b aka midline, divides plane into left and right halves
  3. c specialist
  4. d contains the major organs of digestion
  5. e abnormal development or growth of cells, tissues, or organs

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  1. ...
  2. fat
  3. epithelial tissue forming epidermis of the skin
  4. physiology, posterior
  5. the fundamental physical and functional unit of heredity

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  1. aanterior


  2. thoracic cavityaka chest cavity or thorax; surrounds and protects heart and lungs


  3. anatomic reference systemsused to describe the locations of structural units of the body


  4. exo-within


  5. umbumbilical