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  1. groin
  2. dense connective tissues
  3. adenitis
  4. postmortem
  5. epigastric region
  1. a the region above the stomach
  2. b form the joints and framework of bod (ex bone, cartilage)
  3. c inflammation of a gland
  4. d after death
  5. e the crease and the junction of the trunk with the upper end of the thigh

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  1. entire lower portion of the abdomen
  2. control
  3. below the ribs
  4. umbilical
  5. located within the skull; surrounds and protects the brain

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  1. membranea thin layer of tissue that covers a surface, lines a cavity, or divides a space or organ


  2. caud/o-lower part of the body


  3. hemopoieticblood forming


  4. the two portions of the dorsal cavity are thecranial cavity and spinal cavity


  5. inferiorlowermost, below, or toward the feet