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  1. etiology
  2. hypertrophy
  3. cephalic
  4. peritonitis
  5. oophor/o-
  1. a the study of the causes of diseases
  2. b increase in the bulk of a body part or organ due to an increase in size, but not number, of cells in tissues
  3. c toward the head
  4. d inflammation of the peritoneum
  5. e ovary

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  1. flat crosswise plane
  2. specialist in the study of outbreaks of disease within a population group
  3. lower part of the body
  4. situated nearest the midline or beginning of a body structure
  5. undifferentiated cells that are unlike any specific adult cell; however they have the ability to form any adult cell

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  1. huntington's diseasea disease with no known cause


  2. retroperitoneallocated behind the peritoneum


  3. hist/o-disease, suffering, emotion


  4. phenylketonuriagenetic disorder characterized by the lack of phenylalanine hydroxylase, a digestive enzyme


  5. ch, chrlower part of the body


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