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  1. endothelium
  2. hypogastric region
  3. example of birth injury
  4. lateral
  5. genetics
  1. a cerebral palsy (the result of brain damage)
  2. b toward the side
  3. c below the stomach
  4. d the study of how traits are transferred from patients to children and the role of genes in health and disease
  5. e specialized epithelial tissue that lines blood and lymph vessels, body cavities, glands, and organs

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  1. an inherited genetic disorder - Each child of a parent with the gene for huntington's disease has a 50% chance of inheriting the defective gene. this condition causes nerve degeneration with symptoms that most often appear in midlife
  2. the inner layer of the peritoneum that surrounds the organs of the abdominal cavity
  3. the manipulating or splicing of genes for scientific or medical purposes
  4. the study of the structure, composition, and function of tissues
  5. birth defect, can result from anomaly or malformation

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  1. atresiathe ongoing presence of a disease within a population, group, or area


  2. cystic fibrosisinflammation of the peritoneum


  3. adenosisa disease of a gland


  4. genetic disorder...


  5. degenerationworsening condition