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  1. down syndrome
  2. -ology
  3. pelvic cavity
  4. lateral
  5. cephalic
  1. a toward the head
  2. b toward the side
  3. c study of
  4. d a genetic variation that is associated with characteristic facial appearance, learning disabilities, and physical abnormalities such as heart valve disease
  5. e protects organs of reproduction

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  1. situated nearest the midline or beginning of a body structure
  2. enlargement of an organ or tissue because of an abnormal increase in the number of cells in the tissue
  3. a group or layer of similarly specialized cells that join together to perform specific functions
  4. change in structure of cells and their orientation to each other (characteristic of tumor formation)
  5. the study of the structure, composition, and function of tissues

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  1. medialthe direction toward or nearer the midline


  2. dense connective tissuesbloodand lymph


  3. body cavitiesprotects organs of reproduction


  4. endemicsudden and widespread outbreak of a disease within a specific population group or area


  5. etiologystudy of