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  1. umb
  2. adult stem cells
  3. proximal
  4. hypochondriac
  5. etiology
  1. a primary role is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found
  2. b umbilical
  3. c situated nearest the midline or beginning of a body structure
  4. d below the ribs
  5. e the study of the causes of diseases

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  1. a thin layer of tissue that covers a surface, lines a cavity, or divides a space or organ
  2. protects organs of reproduction
  3. front
  4. space formed by the hip bones and it contains primarily the organs of the reproductive and excretory systems
  5. enlargement of an organ or tissue because of an abnormal increase in the number of cells in the tissue

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  1. thoracic cavityprotects organs of reproduction


  2. adenosischange in structure of cells and their orientation to each other (characteristic of tumor formation)


  3. hypochondriac regionsbelow the stomach


  4. abdominalthe body cavity containing the organs used in the digestive system


  5. cephal/o-disease, suffering, emotion