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  1. anatomic reference systems
  2. abdominal cavity
  3. retroperitoneal
  4. postmortem
  5. example of a recessive gene
  1. a sickle cell anemia
  2. b used to describe the locations of structural units of the body
  3. c contains the major organs of digestion
  4. d after death
  5. e located behind the peritoneum

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  1. ovary
  2. below the stomach
  3. situated nearest the midline or beginning of a body structure
  4. the study of the functions of the structures of the body
  5. term used to describe a group of genetic disorders characterized by progressive weakness and degeneration of skeletal muscles that control movement

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  1. epidemiologistspecialist in the study of outbreaks of disease within a population group


  2. cytologystudy of


  3. cranial cavity?


  4. -plasiaformation


  5. cord bloodlower part of the body