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  1. endo-
  2. anomaly
  3. ger-
  4. histology
  5. physiology
  1. a the study of the functions of the structures of the body
  2. b within
  3. c the study of the structure, composition, and function of tissues
  4. d deviation from normal
  5. e old people

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  1. illness caused by living pathogenic organisms
  2. disorder caused by a detectable physiological or structural change in an organ (symptoms caused by detectable physical changes in the body)
  3. study of
  4. protects organs of reproduction
  5. out of

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  1. etiologythe study of the causes of diseases


  2. anaplasiachange in structure of cells and their orientation to each other (characteristic of tumor formation)


  3. hist/o-tissue


  4. tay-sachs diseasecells have specialized ability to contract and relax


  5. hepatitis b is spread byblood borne transmission