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Heart Dissection

a tough, double-layered membrane that surrounds the heart
visceral pericardium
Inner layer of the pericardium that contains blood vessels, lynph, nerves, and fat.
How many pumping chambers does the heart have?
The 2 upper chambers of the heart that pump blood directly into the veins and into the ventricles
right venrical
moves blood into the blood for oxygenation
left ventricle
pumps blood into the body tissues
semilunar valves
prevent the backflow of blood
chordae tendineae and papillary muscles
prevent the valves from being forced back into the atria
light colored and soft, without structure.
heart muscle
dark and fiborous muscle
blood vessel walls
thin, tough, and smooth on the inside
cardiac muscle
Muscle that is ONLY found in the heart
Pulmonary artery
carries deoxygentated blood from the heart to the lungs