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Algonquian Family
Cree & Ojibwe

Alberta, Sask. Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Labrador(Cree)

Eskimo-Aleut Family
Aleut-Aleut (Spoken on Aleut Islands)
Eskimo- Inuit, Yupik

NW Territories, Nunavut, QC, Labrador, Kenmark, Russia, USA

Athabascan - Chipewyan, Slavey
Eyak- extinct

BC, Yukon, NW territories, Alberta, Sask. Manitoba

Siouan-Catabwan Family

3 Dakotan Langs:
1. Stoney (Nakota) Alberta
2. Sioux- Sask. Manitoba
3. Assiniboine-Nakota- Sask.

Salish(a)n Family
10 languages
eg: Okanagan

British Columbia

Tsimshianic Family
Nass-Gitksan, Tsimshian

British Columbia

Iroquoian Family

Quebec, Ontario, USA

Wakashan Family
5 languages

Vancouver Island, BC Coast


Haida- Queen Charlotte Islands
Ktunaxa - British Columbia

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