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How did God show his care for the Israelites as they were led to the promised land?

On their journey God made his prescence known to the Israelites by the huge cloud that hung over the meeting tent during the day. At nught the cloud became firey, so that the Israelites could see it. When the cloud moved they followed it. When it did not move, the Israelites remained where they were. The cloud symbolized God was with them.

During their journey, at what times were the ISraelites successful?

Next the Israelites tried to conquer Canaan without God's consent, and they failed in their attempt. This failure symbolized that the Israelites would succeed only if they followed God's command.

Who was the next leader after Moses?

God told Moses to lay his hand on Joshua, one of his trusted generals and commission him to lead God's people into Canaan. God's promise would be fulfilled.

What happened to the Israelites in the land of Moab?

Finbally the Israelites arrived on the plains of Moab., east of Canaan. Here they met a prophet named Balaam, who predicted the greatness of Israel in the centuries to come.

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