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EVANGELICAL declaration on the care of creation: we're facing 1. Land degradation, 2. Deforestation, 3. species extinction, 4. Water degradation, 5. Global toxification, 6. Alteration of the atmosphere, 7. Human and cultural degradation. We are pressing against the finite limits God set for creation. God calls us to confess and repent of attitudes of devaluing creation. Our actions and attitudes need to proceed from the center of our faith, rooted in God. We need to seek carefully to learn all the bible tells us about the creator, creation and the human task. We need to understand what creation reveals about God. God is transcendent and immanent. God is relational in very

CORNWALL declaration on environmental stewardship: human understanding and control can improve or harm creation. Humans are not principally consumers and polluters but we're viewed as such. We can be producers and stewards and must be to add to earth's abundance. Many people believe that 'nature knows best' and should be left untouched as the ideal - this is wrong. We alone are capable of developing other resources and enriching creation; therefore, humans are the most valuable resource. There are true problems: human health, inadequate sanitation, widespread use of biomass fuels, primitive agriculture, industrial and commercial practices, distorted resource consumption, improper disposal of hazardous waste, etc. there are also unfounded concerns: global warming, over population, and rampant species loss. The real problems are proven, well understood, and localized. The later are speculative, global, and cataclysmic. The former is of concern to people in developing nations and the latter to wealthier nations. The former is of high and established risk to human life and health. The latter are v. low and hypothetical in risk. Solutions to the first are cost effective with proven benefit and the latter are costly and dubious benefit. Public policies to combat exaggerated risks can dangerously delay or reverse the economic development necessary to improve not only human life, but also stewardship of the environment. It has human development in mind.