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  1. manly
  2. miranda rights
  3. naturalized
  4. North Carolina
  5. Dorothea Dix
  1. a waht is the first public state university in america?
  2. b what person is known for establishing sevices and resources for the mentally ill and poor?
  3. c this type of citizen was not born in the US, but was made a citizen by law and a process they must go through.
  4. d last name of whig governot of nc that led to the parties decline.
  5. e when a person is commited of a crime they are always read this document called what?

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  1. what political position is the primary leader of the senate?
  2. this person is next in line to be president after the vice president
  3. The US declared was with Mexico because of the annexation of what state?
  4. what year did women get the right to vote?
  5. Lode mining is a process of searching for gold where?

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  1. individualismwhat word means to be concerned only with your own needs and freedoms?


  2. Eli Whitleyfirst and last name of the whig governor of nc


  3. Edward Didleywho invented the cotton gin?


  4. secondwhich amendment covers the right to bear arms?


  5. YesFor a bill vetoed by the president to become a law, it must be passed by what percentage of the congress?