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  1. sixth
  2. Edward Didley
  3. manly
  4. preamble
  5. Wilmington and Weldon
  1. a which amendment lists basic rights such as the right to freedom of speech, religion, press ...?
  2. b first and last name of the whig governor of nc
  3. c what is the very first part of the Constitution called?
  4. d last name of whig governot of nc that led to the parties decline.
  5. e what railroad was the longest in the world when it was completed in 1840?

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  1. what political position is the primary leader of the senate?
  2. which amendment covers the right to bear arms?
  3. when a person is commited of a crime they are always read this document called what?
  4. according to the declaration of inderpendence, the basic rights of all people are life, liberty, and the pursuit of _________.
  5. what river were the Cherokee forced to move west of?

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  1. Dorothea Dixwhat invention helped farming grow in NC?


  2. UndergroundLode mining is a process of searching for gold where?


  3. North Carolinawhat person is known for establishing sevices and resources for the mentally ill and poor?


  4. Armywhat is the largest branch of the armed forces?


  5. thirteenthwhich amendment protects against an illegal search and seizure?