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  1. Army
  2. Bill of rights
  3. Vice president
  4. speaker of the house
  5. Edward Didley
  1. a what are the first ten amendments of the constitution called?
  2. b this person is next in line to be president after the vice president
  3. c first and last name of the whig governor of nc
  4. d what political position is the primary leader of the senate?
  5. e what is the largest branch of the armed forces?

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  1. is a person a citizen of the US who is born in another country, but has parents that are US citizens?
  2. the whig party supported and wanted to progress in the area of banks and __________________.
  3. congress consists of the house of reps and the ______.
  4. Lode mining is a process of searching for gold where?
  5. according to the declaration of inderpendence, the basic rights of all people are life, liberty, and the pursuit of _________.

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  1. Fourthwhich amendment protects against an illegal search and seizure?


  2. Indian removal actthe name of the act that president Jackson signed in 1830 that made Native Americans relocate.


  3. farmswhat is the largest branch of the armed forces?


  4. North Carolinawaht is the first public state university in america?


  5. landbefore the manhood suffrage bill passed, voting was determined by how much ____ you owned.