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Types and Syntax (I don't even know what that means, but it sounds cool.)!!??!! O_O

haha who would like to tell me what syntax means, hmmm?(;
Nominative Subject
The subject of a verb
Predicate Nominative
Noun used with a linking verb to define or make a statement about the subject
Genitive of Possession
Possessing something. Ex. girl's dog or dog of the girl
Ablative of Place Where
Location 'on' or 'in' is shown by the ablative case with the preposition IN.
Accusative of Place to Which
Used with the prepositions AD to, IN into, and SUB up to, to indicate place to which.
Ablative of Place from Which
Used with the prepositions A, AB away from, DE down from, and E, EX out of, to indicate place from which.
Ablative of Means or Instrument
Expressed by the ablative without a preposition.
Ablative of Manner
Manner in which an action is performed and is expressed by the ablative with cum.
Ablative of Accompaniment
Expressed by the ablative with CUM, with, along with, in company with.
Ex. Puella cum matre est. (The girl is with her mother.)
Ablative of Personal Agent
With a passive verb the person by whom the action is performed is expressed by the ablative with the preposition A or AB.