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A person who questions King George III


A person who supports King George III


A protest / Not buying something


A change or over throw of the government

Sons of Liberty

An organized group of Patriots to protest the tax- 1765

Sam Adams

"This meeting can do nothing more to save our country"

Crispus Attucks

First person to die in the Boston massacre

Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty or give me death"

King George III

The King of England

James Otis

"Taxation without representation is tyrrany"

General Thomas Gage

The commander of the British Army

Sugar Act

1764- taxed on sugar, wine, coffee, dyes, and cloth

Stamp Act

1765- Taxed on playing cards, newspapers, books, pamphlets, legal documents :wills

Townshend Acts

1767- Taxed on glass, led, tea, painters colors

Boston Massacre

1770- 5 colonists killed by british troops

Tea Act

1770- Parliament takes away the Townshed Acts except for the tea.

Boston Tea Party

1773- Men disguised as Mohawks threw tea into the harbor to protest the tax on tea.

French and Indian War

The English fought against France for the land in North America. England won but needed to pay off the debts of the war.

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