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λυω, λυεις, λυει, λυομεν, λυετε, λυουσι

I loose, You (s.), He, We, You (p.), They
Present Active Indicative

λυομαι, λυη, λυεται, λυομεθα, λυεσθε, λυονται

I am being loosed, You (s.), He, We You (p.) They --OR--
I am loosing for myself, Y, H, W, Y, They
Present Passive & Middle Indicative

ελυον, ελυες, ελυεν, ελθομεν, ελυετε, ελυον

I was loosing, Y, H, W, Y, They
Imperfect Active Indicative

ελυομην, ελυου, ελυετο, ελυομεθα, ελυεσθε, ελυοντο

I was loosing for myself, Y, H, W, Y, They
Imperfect Middle Indicative

λυσω, λυσεις, λυσει, λυσομεν, λυσετε, λυσουσι

I will loose, Y, H, W, Y, They
Future Active Indicative

λυσομαι, λυση, λυσεται, λυσομεθα, λυσεσθε, λυσονται

I will loose for myself, Y, H, W, Y, They
Future Middle Indicative

ελυσα, ελυσας, ελυσεν, ελυσαμεν, ελυσατε, ελυσαν

I loosed, Y, H, W, Y, They
First Aorist Active Indicative

ελυσαμην, ελυσω, ελυσατο, ελυσαμεθα, ελυσασθε, ελυσαντο

I loosed for myself, Y,H,W,Y,They
First Aorist Middle Indicative

ελιπον, ελιπες, ελιπεν, ελιπομεν, ελιπετε, ελιπον

I left, Y,H,W,Y,They
Second Aorist Active Indicative

ελυθην, ελυθης, ελυθη, ελυθημεν, ελυθητε, ελυθησαν

I was loosed, Y,H,W,Y,They
Aorist Passive Indicative

λυθησομαι, λυθηση, λυθησεται, λυθησομεθα, λυθησεσθε, λυθησονται

I will be loosed, Y,H,W,Y,They
Future Passive indicative

λυω, λυης, λυη, λυωμεν, λυητε, λυωσιν

I might destroy, Y,H,W,Y,They
Progressive Active Subjunctive

λυσω, λυσης, λυση, λυσωμεν, λυσητε, λυσωσιν

I might destroy, Y,H,W,Y,They
Aorist Active Subjunctive

λυσωμαι, λυση, λυσηται, λυσωμεθα, λυσησθε, λσωνται

I might be destroyed, Y,H,W,Y,They
Aorist Middle Subjunctive

λυειν, λυεσθαι, λυεσθαι

To Loose, To Loose for one's self, To be loosed - Progressive

λυσαι, λυσασθαι, λυθηναι

To Loose, To Loose for one's self, To be loosed - Aorist

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