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standardized recipeare recipes that have been testedboilingis a method in which food is cooked in boiling water at 100 degrees celsius or simmering stocksteaminguses moist heat (steam or vapor). this heat is transferred to the food through convectionindirect steamingis done by sealing the food with cloth, banana leaves, or aluminum foil and placing it in perforated container above a water boiler that generates steamdirect steamingis done by allowing the food to have direct contact with the steamstewingis a method that is used to soften tough meats and jointspoachingis another version of boiling but less water is used at an even lower temperatureblanchingto cook partially and briefly in boiling water to inactivate the enzymes, expel intercellular gases, and reduces microbial load.grilling/broilingcooking method where the food is cooked in glowing heat from gas, electric grill bars, or hot charcoalbroilingHeat source is above the foodroastingis done by turning large pieces of food, specifically meat before an open firebakingis done through a pre-heated ovenfryingis a method where food is brought in contact with hot oilSauté-means to jump -done on very slow fire to tenderize food items and partially cook themShallow fryingmethod of frying where complete cooking is done using small amount of fatedeep fryingis achieved when food is completely immersed in oil and cooked at temperatures of 162 degrees to 205 degreesbraising-combination of roasting and stewing -method where meat is browned quickly in fat and then cooked slowly in a covered pan, with little liquid.fricasseea term used when cooking poultry, beef, or veal cuts.pan-roastingis also braising and is the term applied when cooking large pieces of meat