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SS Unit 5 Quiz

Year Washington was elected Pres. for the first time
John Adams
Washington's Vice-Pres.
set up the courts, choose a cabinet, stabilize the economy
These three objectives were on Washington's agenda
Federal Judiciary Act
Gave the Supreme Court six judges, including Chief Justice
John Jay
Washington's Chief Justice
Presidential Cabinet
Heads of departments who assist the Pres.
Henry Knox
Washington's Secretary of War
Thomas Jefferson
Washington's Secretary of State
Alexander Hamilton
Washington's Secretary of Treasury
Edmund Randolph
Washington's Attorney General
Hamilton's goals for fixing the economy
Establish financial stability, be friendly to the most powerful financial interests, encourage economic development
Establish the nation's credit worthiness
1st step in Hamilton's Program
Creation of a new national debt
2nd step in Hamilton's Program
Create a national bank
3rd Step in Hamilton's Program
Tax on whiskey to raise revenue
4th Step in Hamilton's Program
Impose Tariffs
5th Step in Hamilton's Program
Payoff old debts from the war, promotes confidence
Results of establishing the new nation's credit worthiness
Results of creation of a new national debt
Old debts replaced w/ interest-bearing bonds, wealthy men who buy bonds have an economic stake in country's well being
Results of creation of a nat. bank
Private corporation, had public funds, issue paper money, make loans to the gov't, stock
Indian Territory
In this challenge, Washington had to decide what to do with he Indians when the Americans settled west to their territory
Indian Territory
Washington could either drive the Indians westward, kill them, or bring them into American culture as a result of this challenge
Indian Territory
As a solution to this challenge, Washington drove the Indians out (Battle of Fallen Timbers) and he signed the Treaty of Greenville with them
Treaty of Greenville
The U.S. received Ohio & Indiana from this treaty
French Revolution
In this challenge, Washington had to decide whether to support the French or the British
French Revolution
As a solution to this challenge, Washington remained neutral b/c a lot of the economy relied on the Americans' trade w/ Britain but they just signed the Treaty of Paris w/ France
British seized cargoes of American ships in West Indies but they had the Treaty of Paris w/ French
For this reason, remaining neutral in the French Revolution was a challenge for Washington
Remaining Neutral
As a solution to this challenge, Washington sent John Jay to England to talk about the seizure of ships where they formed Jay's Treaty, and Washington sided w/ Britain
Jay's Treaty
The agreement that ended dispute over American shipping during the French Revolution
A tax on imported goods
Battle of Fallen Timbers
In 1794, an American army defeated 2,000 Native Americans in this battle over control of the Northwest Territory.
Whiskey Rebellion
A 1794 protest against the gov't's tax on whiskey, which was valuable to the livelihood of backcountry farmers
French Revolution
In 1789, the French launched this movement for liberty and equality
Political Party
A group of people that tries to promote its ideas and influence government and backs candidates for office
XYZ Affair
A 1797 incident in which French officials demanded a bribe from U.S. diplomatsa
Alien and Sedition Acts
A series of four laws enacted in 1798 to reduce the political power of recent immigrants to the U.S.
Whiskey Rebellion
In this challenge, Washington had to decide what to do about farmers rebelling about tax on whiskey
Whiskey Rebellion
As a result to this challenge, Washington sent an army of 13,000 soldiers that put down the uprising
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams defeated this man in the Election of 1796
John Adams was in this party
Thomas Jefferson was in this party
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams's Vice-Pres.
XYZ Affair
The French seizing American ships led to this
3 diplomats
Adams sent these people to France to stop them from seizing American ships
French Officials
These people were named X, Y, Z
$10 million loan & $250,000 bribe
X, Y, Z demanded that the U.S. give the French these in order to talk to them
This happened to Adams after he rejected the French's offer in the XYZ Affair
The Americans did this to the French's demand for money
Seize French ships
Adams w/ Congress allow American ships to do this in response to the XYZ Affair
Adams and Hamilton
Federalist party leaders
Madison and Jefferson
D-R party leaders
National Gov't-more powerful
Federalists belief on whether the nat. or state gov't should be stronger
This party opposed the French Revo.
This party supported the French Revo.
Feared mob rule
Reason why the Federalists opposed the French Revo.
This party thought that a move to crush the French Revo. was an attack on liberty everywhere
This party supported Jay's Treaty
This party opposed Jay's Treaty
Wanted to maintain trade w/ Britain
Federalists reason for supporting Jay's Treaty
Wanted to support France in their revo.
D-Rs reason for opposing Jay's Treaty
This party supported the A & S Acts
This party opposed the A & S Acts
This party supported the A & S Acts b/c Criticism of them was banned & at the time of war they would suspend rights
Called laws unconstitutional and wanted more state's rights
D-Rs reasons for opposing the A & S Acts
Merchants , manufacturers, lawyers clergy
Supporters of Federalists
Farmers & workers
Supporters of D-Rs
Supported it
Federalists felt this way about a nat. bank
D-Rs felt this was about a nat. bank
D-Rs thought the economy should be based on these people
Wealthy merchants & manufacturers
Federalists thought the economy should be based on these people
Thomas Jefferson
This person supported farmers, opposed the A & S Acts and public debt, wrote the Constitution, & fired federal employees
Alexander Hamilton
This person supported the British in the French Revo, a nat. bank, strong nat. gov't, & a gov't based on England's as much as possible
John Adams
This person was defeated by Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1800
# of votes Jefferson & Aaron Burr received for President
# of times it took the House of Reps. to elect Jefferson
Aaron Burr
Jefferson's Vice-Pres.