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  1. Hemocytoblasts
  2. Squamous Epithelium
  3. Glands
  4. Exocrine Glands
  5. Histology
  1. a Primary blast cells of the blood
  2. b The study of tissues.
  3. c Flat cells with nuclei that are flat and parallel to the free surface
  4. d Consists of one cell or a group of specialised cells that make and secrete substances. They are classified depending on their route of secretion.
  5. e Release their products onto the free surface of the skin or of the open cavities of the body such as the digestive, respiratory or reproductive tracts.

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  1. Single cells
  2. Involved in development of allergies
  3. Primary blast cells of cartilage
  4. They are found in areas of minimum wear and tear. Their main function is to allow passage of substances between the lumen and the surrounding tissues.
  5. A component of mammalian blood that lacks a nucleus and is derived from fragments of megakaryocyte cytoplasm, and that assists in blood clotting, also called a thrombocyte.

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  1. Cubodial EpitheliumRectangular cells with nuclei that are oval and parallel to the axis of the cell


  2. LymphocytesDestroy abnormal cells


  3. Plasma TransportsThe fluid part especially of blood or lymph.


  4. HemoglobinAn iron-containing respiratory pigment of vertebrate red blood cells that functions primarily in the transport of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues of the body.


  5. ErythrocyteA red blood cell; the major cell component of blood whose primary function is to carry oxygen.


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