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  1. Exocrine Glands
  2. Plasma
  3. Cubodial Epithelium
  4. Eosinophils
  5. Leukocyte
  1. a A white blood cell; primary function is defense against foreign materials as part of the immune system.
  2. b The fluid part especially of blood or lymph.
  3. c Release their products onto the free surface of the skin or of the open cavities of the body such as the digestive, respiratory or reproductive tracts.
  4. d Square cells with nucllei that are round and situated in the middle of the cell
  5. e Kill parasites

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  1. Plasma, RBC, WBC, Platelets
  2. Nutrients, Electrolytes, Clotting factors, Metabolic Wastes
  3. The study of tissues.
  4. The removal and examination of tissue, cells, or fluids from the living body.
  5. Primary blast cells of the blood

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  1. UnicellularMany cells


  2. FibroblastsPrimary blast cells of bone


  3. LymphocytesDestroy abnormal cells


  4. ChonddroblastsPrimary blast cells of cartilage


  5. Stratified EpitheliumFlat cells with nuclei that are flat and parallel to the free surface