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Andrew Jackson

Candidate for president in 1824.

John Quincy Adams

Elected President in 1824.

Nullification Act

South Carolina declared it would not pay the illegal tariffs of 1828 and 1832.

Indian Removal Act

Forced Native Americans to move west.

Indian Territory

An area in present-day Oklahoma that was set aside for the relocation of Native Americans from the Southeast.

General Winfield Scott

Threatened to use force if the Cherokee did not leave their land.

Trail of Tears

The long march to the West during which many Cherokee died.

Black Hawk

Led a group of Sauk and Fox people back to Illinois, their homeland.


Seminole chief who refused to leave Florida.

Henry Clay

Planned to use the issue of the Bank of the United States to defeat Jackson in the 1832 election.

Daniel Webster

Planned to use the issue of the Bank of the United States to defeat Jackson in the 1832 election.

Martin Van Buren

Andrew Jacksons friend and vice president

William Henry Harrison

A Whig nominee in 1840 and a hero of the War of 1812.

John Tyler

Harrisons running mate.

James Polk

Democratic candidate for president in the election of 1844.

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