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a way of transferring energy from one pace to another without matter being transfered


the highest point of a wave

wave length

the distance between two peaks in A wave


the height of a wave a measured from the midline of a peak


the matter through witch energy waves travel


the number of wave peaks that pass by a given point every second


the highness or lowness of a sound as determined by the wave frequency

transverse wave

a wave in which the vibration is side to side or up and down

longitudinal wave

A wave in which the vibration is forward and backward

visible spectrum

the frequencys or wave lengths of light that can be seen including all the colors of the rainbow

audio spectrum

the frequencies or wavelengths of sound that can be heard, including the lowest pitch to the highest pitch

electromagnetic radiation

a form of energy that has both electrical and magnetic properties

electromagnetic spectrum

All of the wavelength range of electromagnetic radiation


describes material that light passes through easily


describes materials that some light passes through producing blurred images


describes materials that light does not pass through


the bending of light or sound waves as they pass through different mediums


to bring energy to a point

convex lens

a lens that focuses light

concave lens

a lens that causes light to spread out


to bounce energy off of an object


describes materials full of tiny openings


device that converts information into a signal


a device that receives a signal and converts it into information


increase the volume of a sound

radio spectrum

the wavelengths used in communications including radio and television

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