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Which man led the Africans in Saint Dominique?

Toussaint L'Ouverture

How was Mexico's liberation different than Brazils?

Mexico's Liberation was violent; Brazil's liberation was non-violent

How were France & Russia similar in the 1800s?

Both had policies that encouraged industrialization

What was an influence of nationalism?

Groups uniting against an oppressive monarchy an empire that crumbles into independent states

What did Otto von Bismarck believe in?

It is the destiny of the weak to be devoured by the strong, a ruler should never violate the constitution of his or her country.

What was the shift in power in Europe?

Prussia became Germany

What are the major ideas of romanticism?

• emphasized inner feelings, emotions, and imagination
• focused on the mysterious, the supernatural, and the exotic,
grotesque, or horrifying
• loved the beauties of untamed nature
• idealized the past as a simpler and nobler time
• glorified heroes and heroic actions
• cherished folk traditions, music, and stories
• valued the common people and the individual
• promoted radical change and democracy

How did music change in the Romantic period?

It was very expressive, melody became the dominant feature, another important feature of Romantic music was the use of color.

What are the goals of impressionists?

Instead of showing life "as it really was," they tried to show their impression of a subject or a moment in time.

Who was a Creole? What postions could they hold?

A Creole was a Spainard, born in Latin America. They could hold military postions.

Painted things as they really were


What's a radical?

favored drastic change to extend democracy to all people.
They believed that governments should practice the ideals of the
French Revolution—liberty, equality, and brotherhood.

How were the unifications of Italy and Germany similar?

Both occured around 1861 and were both caused by nationalism.

What led to the second formation of the reich?


How were romanticism and nationalism linked?

In many ways, romantic thinkers and writers reacted against the ideals of
the Enlightenment. They turned from reason to emotion, from society to nature.
Romantics rejected the rigidly ordered world of the middle class. Nationalism
also fired the romantic imagination.

What did the liberals want?

They wanted to give more power to elected parliaments, but only the educated and the landowners would vote.

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