18 terms

ss Unit 8, Chapter 21, Lesson 2

a Roman province on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea
the capital of the kingdom of Israel
Jewish kingdom founded by David around 1000 B.C., a country in southwestern Asia
an ancient kingfom and present-day country in northeastern Africa
West Bank
an area of land seized by Israel in the Six-Day War
Golan Heights
an area of southwestern Asia seized by Israel in the Six-Day War
Sinai Peninsula
an area of land seized by Israel in the Six-Day War
Gaza Strip
an area of eastern Mediterranean land seized by Israel in the Six-Day War
David Ben-Gurion
1886 - 1973 Israeli leader who declared the state of Israel in 1948
Gamal Abdel Nasser
1918 - 1970 Modern Egyptian leader who drove the British out of Egypt in 1956
Anwar el-Sadat
1918 - 1981 Egyptian president who made peace with Israel in 1978
Menachem Begin
1913 - 1992 Israeli prime minister who worked toward peace in the Middle East by signing a peace accord between Egypt and Israel in 1978
a movement that began in the 1800s to set up a Jewish state in Palestine
Arab nationalism
Arab unity, which became a powerful force under Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser
Palestinian Liberation Organization
group led by Yasir Arafat to create a Palestinian state
Camp David Accords
an agreement signed by Sadat and Begin for Israel to withdraw troops stationed on Sinai Peninsula since 1967 and Egypt to establish peace with Israel
Oslo Accords
agreements aimed at ending the Arab-Israeli conflict but resulted in failureand another Palestinian uprising in 2000
Six-Day War
1967 war between Israel and its Arab neighbors, resulting in Israel's control of Palestine