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aghast (adj)

filled with amazement, disgust, fear, or terror

ample (adj)

more than enough, large, spacious

apparition (noun)

a ghost or ghostly figure an unexplained or unusual appearance

assert (verb)

to declare or state as truth, maintain or defend, put forward forcefully

cower (verb)

to crouch or shrink away from in fear or shame

disdain (verb)

to look upon with scorn; to refuse scornfully

disdain (noun)

a feeling of contempt

epitaph (noun)

a brief statement written on a tomb or gravestone

ethical (adj)

having to do with morals, values, right and wrong; in accordance with standards of right conduct; requiring a prescription for purchase

facetious (adj)

humorous, not meant seriously

inaudible (adj)

not able to be heard

indiscriminate (adj)

without restraint or control; unselective

intrigue (noun)

crafty dealings, underhanded plotting

intrigue (verb)

to form and carry out plots; to puzzle or excite the curiousity

jurisdiction (noun)

an area of authority or control; the right to administer justice

plausible (adj)

appearing true, reasonable, or fair

plebeian (adj)

common, vulgar; belonging to the lower class

plebeian (noun)

a common person, member of the lower class

prodigal (adj)

wastefully extravagant; lavish or generously abundant

prodigal (noun)

one who is wasteful and self-indulgent

proximity (noun)

nearness, closeness

pulverize (verb)

to grind or pound to a powder or dust; to destroy or overcome (as though by smashing into fragments)

sequel (noun)

that which follows, a result; a literary work or film continuing the story of one written or made earlier

volatile (adj)

highly changeable, fickle; tending to become violent or explosive; changing readily from the liquid to the gaseous sate

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