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Anatomic Division

The Urinary System subsection is first arranged anatomically


Endoscopic procedures within the Urinary subsection, Kidney subheading, are often divided on this unique factor: existence of a stoma


When lithotripsy is performed, the patient may be surrounded by: liquid


An installation procedure of the bladder is performed for treatment: Bladder cancer


When urodynamics are performed and the physician only interprets the results, the correct modifier woud be: -26


-Cystoscopy, Urethroscopy, Cystourethroscopy

Urethral dilation

Codes are often divided based on this factor: Initial or Subsequent


Is passed through the urethra and bladder to view the urinary collecting system


Within the Male Genital System, the greatest numbers of codes fall under Penis category


This type of treatment used to treat prostate cancer by placing the radioactive elements directly into the prostate

2 basic types of Health Insurance

The traditional kind of health insurance wherein patients can choose any provider of hospital they wish and change physicians at will is indemnity (fee-for -service) and mangae care

2 basic types of Health Insurance

Most third - payers do not pay for medical services that are not medically necessary

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Insurance companies often cap what a patient must pay, which is referred to as the our-of-packet for covered services in a benefit period

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Most health insurance ask that patients pay a portion of the charge called the coinsurance

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

The dollar amount that a patient must pay each year before his/her insurance benefits begin is called a deductible

Preesicting Conditions

Medical illnesses or injuries that a patient has prior to the purchase of a health insurance policy

Managed Care

People who are covered under managed care plans are commonly referred to as enrollees

Sources of Health Insurance. Group Contracts

An insurance contract made with a business entity that covers its employees equally

Sources of Health Insurance. Individual Policies/Contract

When an individual purchases a healthcare policy from a commercial insurer

Medical Savings Account (MSA)

A special tax shelter set up for the purpose of paying medical bills for individuals who choose a low cost, high deductible health care policy.

Other terms to know

Usual, Reasonable and Customary (UCR): Insurance payments based on

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